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    "I'd say that there is evidence that the victim has been killed by a human, has not committed suicide, that only one other person is alive in the house, and that no human has entered or left the house during the entire process. Oh, and the knife in the victim's back also has the alive man's fingerprints on it. And he's stabbing the corpse every time you blink while refreshing the page." -- WindPowa
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Wimex Seven Report | 06/18/2017 10:46 pm
rofl LOL OMG!!!!! They didn't have gates or anything? rofl
Wimex Seven Report | 06/18/2017 7:15 pm
Oh really? gonk
Wimex Seven Report | 06/18/2017 1:25 am
Just got home from a convention 4laugh
Lady Saxophone Report | 06/17/2017 8:00 am
Wimex Seven Report | 06/17/2017 6:24 am
That is the only way to go 4laugh 4laugh 4laugh
Wimex Seven Report | 06/17/2017 3:24 am
I'm never going to have a permanent change 4laugh 4laugh
Fredy-san Report | 06/08/2017 9:05 am
Don't say it is dead

Well, I still love the player tho.
Fredy-san Report | 06/08/2017 8:41 am
* Don't use left click. Open it in new tab using right click menu or by pasting that address into new tab's address bar.
Fredy-san Report | 06/08/2017 8:39 am
Say Yoshi, you have random image url generator, right?

So I was a bit wondering (again lel). What if instead I insert 15 same Youtube playlist url with different index parameters each, like this:

So everytime you open that url, you returned with different tracks from the playlist. It should works as shuffle workaround. But sadly it does not work as I though when I put it in Gaia profile.

Perhaps you have any way to improve?
?! Report | 06/06/2017 1:02 pm
excuse me sir this is my private bubble and ur not invited rolleyes rolleyes rolleyes talk2hand talk2hand talk2hand



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