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Anything, and I will answer in character.


Thank you, Houkito <3

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Knight of Plagues

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Birthday: 07/11

Call me Knight

Full name: Matthew Patrick Knight
Prefers to be called 'Knight'.
Age: 26
Height: 5'11
Eyes: Scarlet
Hair: Dirty Blonde

Stats (out of 10):
Strength: 4
Perception: 7
Endurance: 4
Charisma: 8
Intelligence: 8
Agility: 7
Luck: 2

Tag Skills: Speech, Guns, Sneak

-Knight is a skilled mercenary who offers his services for money and specializes in tracking missing persons, protection, and target neutralization
-Has a thick New York accent
-Slender built
-Very protective of others
-Is a skilled marksmen with most firearms
-Extremely addictive personality
-Only child
-Relies heavily upon stealth and the use of shadows in combat, or range
-Previously trained medically, was an EMT for a few years as a teen
-Is ambidextrous, however he has a preference for his left
-While he has a very broad musical taste, he secretly enjoys 40's-50's music. Don't tell anyone though.
-Almost always carries his .357 revolver
-Despite common belief; he hates gun ownership
-His eyes are a completely natural deformity

Likes: local music and most music in general, cities, helping others, nighttime, dogs, cuddling, compassion, sarcasm, fashion, the color black, winter, driving, nature, making others laugh, keeping up with politics and current events

Dislikes: killing, cruelty, needles, falling, summer, hypocrisy, obnoxious drunk people, uncompromising attitudes, being called by his first name (except from a select few people), himself, being spoken down to/being ordered around, nightmares



As for the fellow behind Knight, feel free to ask. My real name is also Matt; hence why most of the WG refers to me as such. I'm an open book, and very friendly, I promise.

My mule is named Knight of Pestilence



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Flawlessly Broken Report | 02/25/2017 4:54 pm
Flawlessly Broken
No I am moving in less than 14 days!!

That's unfortunate. Have any fun plans soon?
Flawlessly Broken Report | 02/25/2017 4:36 pm
Flawlessly Broken
Good, but busy. About to move yet again.

Have you decided if you are taking a break?
Flawlessly Broken Report | 02/25/2017 4:25 pm
Flawlessly Broken
How are you doing?
Flawlessly Broken Report | 02/25/2017 4:19 pm
Flawlessly Broken
shy ktten Report | 02/19/2017 6:14 pm
shy ktten
Hello hello~ Thank you kindly for the Chrsmis gift!! heart
Hope you are having a swell day~
Rock_hard_yo Report | 02/12/2017 1:14 am
i am Also 5'7!!!!!! were twins I believe in ROUnding uP! RIGHT ROUND ROUND LIKE A RECORD baby

dr Pepper is soft tho U gottta drink DR. Q Cumber LIKE A tru HArdcore beef MAN
Rock_hard_yo Report | 02/12/2017 12:51 am
me 2 im also short we have 2 compare how tall a r u i am 5'100000 but i have STRONG arms
Rock_hard_yo Report | 02/12/2017 12:23 am
whos who. whos the winner. Its hard 2 TEll everythign is blurry. DID I WIN! my friend. My hombre>!!!!!!! i play A dramatic Guitar SOlo of SUSPENSE While waiting to lEARN
Rock_hard_yo Report | 02/12/2017 12:23 am
whos who. whos the winner. Its hard 2 TEll everythign is blurry. DID I WIN! my friend. My hombre>!!!!!!!
Rock_hard_yo Report | 02/12/2017 12:13 am

Fight me!
Not as an enemY!
But as a friend! U HAve THE SKILL! U R my RIVAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LIke a pokemoN RIVAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OKAY!!!!!!!!!! I BELIEVE IN U!!!!!!!!!! U can TAKE A PUNCH i KNOW it! U look the Kool AId Punch man in the face and say!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!! BRING THE PUNCH!!!!!!!!!! I AM STRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIKE an anarchist commune!!!!! or Stone Cold Steve Austin the wrestelr