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Anything, and I will answer in character.


Thank you, Houkito <3


Knight of Plagues

Knight of Plagues's avatar

Birthday: 07/10

Call me Knight

Full name: Matthew Patrick Knight
Prefers to be called 'Knight'.
Age: 26
Height: 5'11
Eyes: Scarlet, glow red when enraged.
Hair: Dirty Blonde

Stats (out of 10):
Strength: 4
Perception: 7
Endurance: 4
Charisma: 8
Intelligence: 8
Agility: 7
Luck: 2

Tag Skills: Speech, Guns, Sneak

-Knight is a skilled Hunter who offers his services for money, and for the right price he will hunt pretty much anyone or anything except children
-Has a thick New York accent
-Slender built
-Is very protective of others
-Is a skilled marksmen with most firearms
-Relies heavily upon stealth and the use of shadows in combat, or range
-Is ambidextrous, however he has a preference for his left
-Is a self admitted and shameful of being a flirt
-While he has a very broad musical taste, he secretly enjoys 40's-50's music. Don't tell anyone though.
-Almost always carries his .357 revolver
-Despite common belief; he hates gun ownership
-It is unknown to him why his eyes glow red when he's angered, nor how he was born with them
-His eyes are a completely natural deformity



As for the fellow behind Knight, feel free to ask. My real name is also Matt; hence why most of the WG refers to me as such. I'm an open book, and very friendly, I promise.

My mule is named Knight of Pestilence



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M!dori Report | 05/24/2016 11:56 am
Did I tell you I was going on a trip? I went on a trip. Hahaha. xD
Well, I am kind of into post apocalyptic settings, so there's that. Actually from what I saw of Fallout, it kind of reminded me of Bioshock, but at a different era.
::Small honk noise::
Er, whoops, I totally keep it running, well, it goes to sleep and stuff, but it takes a while to boot up so I don't like turning it off. Maybe I should consider it.
Actually that's probably why it's been running slower than normal? Or maybe streaming clogged the memory because xplit seems to automatically like saving videos.
Haha a V neck, really? /has no idea, I haven't really dressed my avatar in clothes and regular stuff for a while.
Before I became this, I used to be a color coordinated clutter bug, or have super simple feminine avatars.
But yea, Can't find things like, extra arms that don't actually depict the fleshy part in the cutout or extra eyes on one side of the face rather than just a bajillion set of regular eyes.
Ah, you mean my cosmic space entity? Her name is Vaeryn actually. ^__^
Cafe au Vanille Report | 05/19/2016 8:27 pm
Cafe au Vanille
Cafe-tized Okami huh....

Sounds like a plan!

XD in this universe, Knight is a loveable loser who somehow gets fans
Cafe au Vanille Report | 05/19/2016 8:17 pm
Cafe au Vanille

Star Knight Plague Wars.


Yeah I figured I could try your oc for a few minutes or maybe a day.

I'm thinking about other WGers to cosplay, got any suggestions?
Cafe au Vanille Report | 05/19/2016 8:07 pm
Cafe au Vanille
PFFFT. I just cosplayed you.
M!dori Report | 05/13/2016 6:40 pm
Lul was overly enthusiastic about making it?
Well as someone who doesn't know a thing about Fallout... yea I think I'd have to read a bit about it in order to get what you're referring to.
Ah, actually initially, I heard about Borderlands and wanted to play it. And then I realized I had the motion sickness thing. But I remember thinking the Siren concept was really neat.
I might just be biased because I like girl characters a lot.
Oh, no, I meant tablet, not a table. fml
Oh, why are you supposed to shut it off? Mine just kind of turns off depending.
Nothing is really set in stone with my character. I do want her to evolve into a high evolution being. *w*
Maybe one day she could actually be a goddess or grant wishes or something.
Ah but Gaia doesn't quite have the items I know to evolve my avatar into something super duper. >3<;
Hmm, I've been around the WG for a long while, but I've left it to go to the AF and take hiatuses. lul. :d
M!dori Report | 05/13/2016 4:57 pm
Lol. xD Why not Fallout 4 though?
Pretty sure some people I know do enjoy it, but curious as to why you don't?
Oh nooo, there there... there there... :: Pats back::
Waht less than $400 really? So I should uh, definitely wait a while before I get a new computer? I was thinking maybe of getting a spiffy table to hold myself over but I think I'd have to give up the gaming thing. >__>;
I may or may not have spilled tea and water on my laptop on separate occasions and had it BSOD.... >________________>;;;;
I do clean out stuff I don't use on it though, if that counts.
Yes, the shirt. >3<
I am hoping to upgrade my character with some leg arm or eye mods when I can find some that goes well with it.
M!dori Report | 05/13/2016 12:43 pm
I guess what's the issue when you say it's beginning to show on new games? What's the new card that's being release? How much will it be running for? o3o How long do you think it will take until there are aftermarket ones?
It kind of is. :'< It chugs even playing something like Civ and that's not super intensive. I haven't been able to play League on my computer for a while tbh.
But at least it's okay streaming art! >3>;;;
I'm pretty sorry too, but something like that is out of your control and can't be helped and it just is unfortunate. :<
I actually was looking at the coat and idk, the cardigan looking one stood out to me.
Idk if I'd have my avatar go back to looking like wearing normal stuff though. idk. :d
that deadbeat Report | 05/13/2016 10:57 am
that deadbeat

I suppose. I normally play with kids who roll assassin so I have to be the tank. And I'm fine with that.
Tho I did roll thief in Guild Wars p recently and it's a good time. So I see where you're coming from.
RIGHT!!! Only motivation to get stronger.

Well yeah, everyone likes people paying attention to details of their characters, especially when they put a lot of work into them.
A lot of people ignored major details about my main RPC like he has 9 fingers and a ******** up eye and scars allll over and most people would be like "oh he got messy hair".
Champ is legit gonna carry Knight around.

Oh shiiiiiiiiiiit.
M!dori Report | 05/12/2016 11:15 pm
I'm actually kind of curious about the technical stuff. >3>
You see I have this 7 year old laptop that can't really run everything I want it to run either due to over heating, obsolete graphics card, or, because it's a laptop and 7 years old. xD
Catch my drift?
Why are you sorry?
Yea well, I don't have a great relationship with another family member... ::Shrugs::
Me too, I feel like it's really fitting. >3>;;;
Uh, wow, it is expensive. Holy geez.
That item is pretty neat though! ::Adds it to wishlist for fun and future reference:: :p
Yea, I don't really like the female leg base either, and definitely not the male arm base. Egads. It freaking covers the pointy part of the tail. :<<<
The leg mods for those boots are nice though. o3o
M!dori Report | 05/12/2016 10:43 pm
Oh~ What did you build? o3o
A certain someone huh~ ::Muses::
To me it's a welcome escape from how life is ahaha. I do like my cousins. They're all nice, comparatively.
Do you feel like an adventurer? Hahaha. P stands for Perception by the way. But my Personality Psych teacher always jested about P standing for Procrastination.
Oh~ What are you trying to save up for?