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Anything, and I will answer in character.


Thank you, Houkito <3


Knight of Plagues

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Birthday: 07/10

Call me Knight

Full name: Matthew Patrick Knight
Prefers to be called 'Knight'.
Age: 26
Height: 5'11
Eyes: Scarlet, glow red when enraged.
Hair: Dirty Blonde

Stats (out of 10):
Strength: 4
Perception: 7
Endurance: 4
Charisma: 8
Intelligence: 8
Agility: 7
Luck: 2

Tag Skills: Speech, Guns, Sneak

-Knight is a skilled Hunter who offers his services for money, and for the right price he will hunt pretty much anyone or anything except children
-Has a thick New York accent
-Slender built
-Is very protective of others
-Is a skilled marksmen with most firearms
-Relies heavily upon stealth and the use of shadows in combat, or range
-Is ambidextrous, however he has a preference for his left
-Is a self admitted and shameful of being a flirt
-While he has a very broad musical taste, he secretly enjoys 40's-50's music. Don't tell anyone though.
-Almost always carries his .357 revolver
-Despite common belief; he hates gun ownership
-It is unknown to him why his eyes glow red when he's angered, nor how he was born with them
-His eyes are a completely natural deformity



As for the fellow behind Knight, feel free to ask. My real name is also Matt; hence why most of the WG refers to me as such. I'm an open book, and very friendly, I promise.

My mule is named Knight of Pestilence



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THANATOPHOBlA Report | 06/28/2016 7:44 pm
Yep, it is.

Hehe! You gotta do what you gotta do! No shame in it tho. I've done jack s**t since the beggining of summer. orz
THANATOPHOBlA Report | 06/28/2016 7:25 pm
Ye. I'm just chillin with my younger siblings and lurking around WG.
THANATOPHOBlA Report | 06/28/2016 7:14 pm

No wait! Come back! ; v ;

They ignored me. They know my laugh is terrible haha~
THANATOPHOBlA Report | 06/28/2016 6:37 pm
I don't know why but that just made me laugh like a hyena. Out loud. In a room full of people.
Holmgeir Report | 06/24/2016 5:57 pm
It's actually just leather straps, but thank you! User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
AtreeX Report | 06/23/2016 7:09 pm
good lord I have "Seize the Day" stuck in my head now
except like if it was sung by munchkins because children
gosh dang it, Matt
AtreeX Report | 06/23/2016 7:07 pm
It wasn't and I'm glad I didn't get the job because I ended up getting a far better one instead, ahaha.

Well, basically, they're all super down for being in front of a camera.
And I don't even comprehend how that could be a thing one would want, ahaha.

Eh, the surprise is nice in some ways, I guess?
Keeps me grateful.

Yeah, I don't blame them. It more than lives up to its phenomenal amount of hype.
It will be around for a long time though, so if people are patient I'm sure they'll manage to see it eventually.
Most people are pretty amazed that I got tickets, yeah. Especially since I didn't pay like $500 or anything around there, haha. The musical only opened on Broadway in August 2015 and I bought my tickets in September, so I suppose I was just quick and prepared. That said, even when I purchased them, my choices were SUPER limited. I basically only have five options to choose from between then and June - and that's because I was willing to do a day trip to NY in the middle of the week while school was in session.

Well, okay, I also was excited for the show and had a feeling it would be the best thing ever.
But a lot of it was spurred by the fact that ever since seventh grade, Hamilton has been one of my favorite figures in American history and certainly my favorite Founding Father. Yet he never got any recognition. And then here comes genius Lin-Manuel Miranda telling me that he's written up this sick hip-hop musical about the guy featuring a diverse cast rapping as the Founding Fathers?! Hell no am I missing that. Hell. No.

... Yeeeeah, I don't think I'll ever get to see it 15 times but I would love to, haha.
I've actually seen kiddy productions of Newsies like three times already, ahaha. Thanks, creative arts camp.
AtreeX Report | 06/22/2016 10:51 pm
I hope so too, yeah.
The ones that never respond are the wooooorst.
(Here's looking at you, Museum of Science.)

Well, I mean... A good chunk of my friends are... Here, let's put it this way.
They had their own DIY Ru Paul's Drag Race once for funsies.
They're all about that sort of thing. Even if I would probably be stammering and overwhelmed, pfft.

Don't give me that, you've at least wet your feet in the social watering hole.
I'm just like. Amazed I even have friends, honestly.

Idk man I got a loooooot of hate for seeing Hamilton and not shutting up, ahaha.
Especially since the day after I saw it, Lin-Manuel Miranda announced he was leaving.
... And then Phillipa Soo and Leslie Odom, Jr. announced it within days and...
... I have some very envious theater friends, hah.;;

It basically is, yeah. I bought the tickets nine months ago because I felt so strongly about seeing it and that's how that happened.
(TL;DR: Alexander Hamilton has always been a favorite of mine since seventh grade and intersectionality/postcolonialism/history is my jam.)
It was honestly better than I ever imagined and that soundtrack has been what I've been listening to non-stop for months so I had hiiiigh hopes.
It honestly ******** me up (in a good way), haha. I was kinda in a daze and cried over the soundtrack even while on a bus home a day later, pfft.
I would love to see it again whenever I am fortunate enough to get a chance. I imagine it's the sort of thing I'll try and see every few years, honestly.
AtreeX Report | 06/22/2016 9:57 pm
It... really depends.
Once I had to call them back after a week and they were like, "OH THEY SHOULD HAVE TOLD YOU A WEEK AGO OUR BAD."
Another time I was hired immediately after the interview. Another time, I never heard back at all.
So, uh... I would recommend waiting maybe a week before checking in?

I'm glad things are alright for you though! And yeah, I feel you, I have a ton of photos I ought to be taking but I'm lazy and ridiculous.
I should probably persuade people to model for me since most of my photography is portraits but I can never show them off because they're all FERPA covered, hah!

What is dating lol.
What is a social life.

Things are alright with me! I'm trying really hard to stay In the Moment because otherwise I get worried about inevitable things (will I have a job next summer? how much longer until I graduate? DOES EVERYONE HATE ME?). And I'm still kind of amazed that I saw Hamilton last week, which if I ever show up on your Feed you probably noticed, lmao. I'm trying to shut up about it though because I really don't want to irritate any more friends than I'm sure I already have, ahaha! But yeah, alright.
AtreeX Report | 06/22/2016 9:27 pm
How are things with you, pal?