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Gender: Animal

Location: Zephilia

Occupation: Part time Waitress

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"A Letter from Home"

"Shut up and do it, signed Sis"
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Bio of Luna Inverse - ルナ=インバース

Name: Luna Inverse - ルナ=インバース
Alias: The Knight of Ceiphied, Sis
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: somewhere between 17 - 23 (Depends on where we're at in the story line)
Eyes: Auburn red (but are never seen)
Hair: Short cropped lavender.
Distinguishing Features: The most distinguishing thing about her is that you cant see her eyes. She wears her bangs long because she thinks it's trendy.
Magic Specialty: As the Knight of Ceiphied, Luna wields an immense amount of holy power. So White Magic is her specialty.
Description / Pic:
User Image
Weapons: Luna studies martial arts and sword play. Though her greatest strength is her White Magic, she's lethal with a kitchen knife.
Family: Mother - (A retired Sorceress), Father - (A retired Swordsman), Sister - Lina Inverse
Personality: She tends to be rather serious, but still retains her sense of humor. But because you cant see her eyes, her emotions are almost impossible to read.
History: Luna tends to be very stern and serious. When she was very young, she was left with the tedious job of helping raise her little sister, Lina. Luna was usually very good about keeping her cool when Lina pulled her usual stunts, but Lina eventually pushed her too far. When Lina was 13 and Luna was 15, her family fell on hard times. Luna took a part time job as a waitress to help bring in money. Her sister, Lina, on the other hand, took it upon herself to charge people to view a picture of Luna naked in the shower. When Luna found out, she was less than forgiving. But like a responsible big sister, she gave Lina an ultimatum.. "I think it would be wise, young lady, if you left Zephilia for a while. Go out and make a name for yourself.. Because if you stay here.... I'll kill you.." Wisely, Lina took Luna's advice and hadn't been home since. Meanwhile, Luna remained at her job as a Part Time Waitress. But Zephilia hasn't been without it's problems. When her home village was under attack by a Plasma Dragon, Luna alone went to face it. But unlike her sister, Luna knew better than to blast off a dragon slave this close to a village. So she took the only weapon she had on her at the time, a butcher knife from the restaurant she worked at. After a long fierce battle, she slew the dragon. Luna was the dragon priestess Filia Ul Copt's first choice to save the world from the prophecy of destruction. But Luna declined, feeling Lina was better suited to the task. The years had rolled on and though, still upset with her sister, she grew to miss her. So, she collected her overtime pay and decided to take a well deserved vacation. She hung up her waitress uniform and took up her traveling garb and set out. Though she has sworn to always protect her home village, no one would be fool enough to tamper with Zephilia while she was gone. And so, with confidence for Zephilia's safety, she set out on an adventure of her own.

Luna's Journey

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Knight of Ceiphied Report | 01/03/2008 8:00 am
Knight of Ceiphied
(LOL I'm a college professor.. I completely understand!! Dont worry about it, beb!))

-Luna smirked as Lina ran into the boddice shop and followed behind her. As Lina gleefully examined the bust unhacing goodies, Luna found her self eyeing a rather glorious looking gown on a stand. Although Pink was CERTAINLY not her color of choise, the dress was rather stunning.. maybe she could have it altered to fit Lina. being as she was the Pink Sorceress and all Luna much preferred the color Purple. but maybe it was only because she loved her hair-
Lina Inverse Chan Report | 12/08/2007 4:21 pm
Lina Inverse Chan
Shopping, you say? That's a brilliant idea! *Rubs hands in that old merchant fashion and dashes to a boutique* Oooh, I would looks so cute in this...*Smashes face against the glass and looks at a corset dress* B-bosom boost?! User Image *Runs inside*

((Sorry for being gone so long, college is a time-whore monger! Please don't kill me! User Image ))
Knight of Ceiphied Report | 09/19/2007 5:32 pm
Knight of Ceiphied
*She just snickered at the two of them and looked on ahead* So.. we had lunch.. What's next on the agenda, Sis? *she jingled her money purse which was full of coins.. all the tips she had made as a waitress* I feel like going on a shopping spree.. ^_^
Lina Inverse Chan Report | 09/17/2007 7:23 pm
Lina Inverse Chan
Oh NO, you did NOT just insult me just now! User Image

For your information, I got my temper from my father...Not Luna, Idiot. User Image *Trots back behind Luna* Yeah Gourry, true gentlemen pay for the tab..You should know that by now...*Gives him a cute lil rasberry*
Gourry Gabriev Kun Report | 09/11/2007 7:56 pm
Gourry Gabriev Kun
The blonde scampered on his fours; coughing and spluttering from the vice-like choke hold. "J-Jeez! I see where Lina gets her anger from..!" He whimpered and rubbed his neck sorely. "I'm sorry ma'am..." User Image
Knight of Ceiphied Report | 09/10/2007 6:34 am
Knight of Ceiphied
*there was a fierce gleam in her red eyes as she lifted her eyes to look up at Gourry. She and Lina were roughly the same height, and the 6 foot blond towered over the both of them. But that didnt seem to daunt her. She grabbed a hand full of hair and yanked his head down and put him in a tight head lock* "I owe YOU for the tab? Seems to me you ate just as much if not more than we did! Besides, A true gentleman would have paid the tab without question anyway!" *her elbow tightened under his jaw, her other hand grabbing her wrist to pull the head lock even tighter.. With her powerful sword arm, it was the equivalent of putting his head in a vice grip. She held him a moment longer letting him get her drift befor slamming his head against the ground. She dusted her hands in a dainty manner and tossed him a napkin* "Now.. clean up, you're embarrassing yourself.."
Gourry Gabriev Kun Report | 09/08/2007 10:02 am
Gourry Gabriev Kun
Gourry trotted over; with his cheeks poofed in a pouty manner. "You guys just tried to ditch me! What's up with that? And you owe me for paying that tab..." Grumbles and shoves his hands in his pockets.
Knight of Ceiphied Report | 09/05/2007 10:52 am
Knight of Ceiphied
*she chuckled absently as they walked away from the restaurant and looked at Lina* "Oh he'll catch on eventually.. " *she caught a glimps of a woman and her two young children. The boys were tugging relelntlessly on their mother's sleeves begging for candy.. The color under her eyes went a pale blue as she felt chills up her spine* .......... Let's keep walking.......
Lina Inverse Chan Report | 09/04/2007 9:32 am
Lina Inverse Chan
I guess that was generous of you...I mean, you could've done ALOT worse. User Image I'd break morethan his nose if he told me I was pregnant... TT o TT

I wonder when Gourry is going to realize we left him....And aren't coming back? X3
Knight of Ceiphied Report | 09/02/2007 11:16 am
Knight of Ceiphied
*She smirked and headed down the road through town with Lina. She sighed a little at Lina's remark* "Yeah.. Imagine how I felt when I found out.. " *she chuckled coyly as she rubbed the back of her head* "I didn't mean to but when the doctor told me.. I think I broke his nose...."


Luna and her pet dog, Spot. (Formerly known as Dilgear)