Addekiwi Corporation,
6408 Commento Avenue,
P.Message, Barton.


    Dearest imaginary person,
    Like any other Gaian, I save up gold to get goodies to dress up my avatar, browsing through forum topics, looking forward to the weekly EI report, et cetera. Although I'm online, my mind is usually somewhere else. Gaia just so happens to be one of the opened browser tabs. If only there were more interesting content....

    Other than that, I'm just an average student aiming to achieve the American Dream within the next 10 years or so, while continuously pursuing happiness. It's a very simple plan (for now), but who knows? Something extraordinary might come up. Until then, I'm keeping it simple.

    Le poof.
    The century old kiwi

    P.S.: I'm not from NZ.