So, you want to know a little about me? I've been here since '06, on and off. I usually keep to myself, barely posting in the forums, as I usually lurk instead. I usually lurk around certain forum spots/areas; Gaia Aquarium to Booty Grab tanks; zOMG (Gaia\'s MMO) to keep the Gaian world safe by killing the animated; Questions & Assistance as I like to assist as much as I can; Austins Donate To The Person Above You (DTTPAY) because I like to be generous too ;3 ; and the Art Freebies because I like to collect art for myself. I also, sometimes, go to Tektek to make various dream avatars- you wouldn't believe how many I have! I also try to raise gold on my own, letting you and others know that I DO try to work for my gold and items. Although, I do appreciate any help from my fellow Gaians :3

Want to help out? Go to my quest thread here; ஐ ɱɣ ɖяϵдɱϛ ஐ. You don't have to donate to me. Would I appreciate it if you do? You bet I will!

Thanks for reading~!
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*Don't beg for items, gold, etc from me. I DON'T CARE if there is a sob story included with it- that is still begging. I donate from the heart and randomly.
**Don't send random friend requests to me. I would rather get to know you first in forums, in zOMG (this is more likely), or at other parts of the site.


Writer's Journal (Fiction and Fan Fiction)

As of now, this journal will feature writing material. Connected to a topic I'm planning to make/create.


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xx I met my fate xx

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xx I met my fate xx

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I'm so glad you liked it! <3 I hope you enjoy and complete your quest soon. ^_^

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alright ^^

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Is the comment I added to your post alright with you?
You can feel free to go trough the fan fic forums and post to a specidied writter...
or change the original post, as you prefer.
Anew, sorry for how I reacted. I was warned as if we had a nuke aimed at us or something. **smiles**

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lol Sorry for the big misunderstanding... I came on your topic in a WTF mode since I was told someone was menacing us...thus why I,ve read it the way I did
If you are not interested in Dragon Age stuff, I don,t think it is the right place...If you care to modify it and see what comes your way, then I'm all for it...we have some very talented fan fics writters but they write mostly having in mind people knows the dragon age world...I'll remove the add as it is right now, alright? Feel free to do it anew on a DA theme if you want **smiles**

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Ok, I might have misread, if so then I apologize. I'm tired and english is my second language. I read the last part as a menace, as in "If you remove this post I'll make your guild close".
That totally was me reading in french and your post at the same time
If you change your text to one asking for Dragon Age themed fan fics, I'm all cool with it...
But if you read this uon receiving private message from your crew members wondering what to do with that crazy post with links...:
f this does not belong here at all or on the guild etc. PLEASE let me know if you are planning to delete and/or move the thread/post. If you delete it and I come back, here is what the message will say:

hide spoiler
This guild has been deactivated by a Gaia Moderator.

Since it reads that, I am and will take it seriously.

See why at first I thought it was a menace? It's my mistake but that part can be taken as such. My apologies...

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Alrighty, so that's definitely where I had met you once upon a time. lol. Funny captcha's. Mine this time was bless you.

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Alright, so your definitely not the girl I thought then. Oh maybe it was with RafiCat that we had crewed together for zOMG. I think that's more of the story. lol.

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Your name is familiar to me, but I can't recall from what. Maybe we did some dms runs in zOMG or were in a guild together or maybe it was across the booty grabbing I saw you, but you wouldn't happen to be a blonde white girl would you?
Redwing Rogue

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Redwing Rogue

Aww, thank you emotion_yatta
Redwing Rogue

Report | 12/04/2013 9:32 pm

Redwing Rogue

Your avatar colors are beautiful! emotion_kirakira I love that color green!


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