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    Hi, I'm pretty much your average 20 year old who loves the Internet and naps. I joined Gaia in early 2008 and although I don't get on a whole lot anymore, I do like to cosplay and hop into towns every once in a while.

    Here's a little tidbit about myself:

    I'm Emily, but most people here just call me Thingy. I live in Texas; you could say it's pretty cool here, if by cool you mean smoldering hot! It's not too bad but I love to complain about it anyways. I'm 5"2 with brown hair and hazel eyes and I have too many tattoos. I'm a Vet Technician and I absolutely love my job, and I'm in school to get my Masters in Veterinary Medicine. Steam and ridiculously girly clothing put a sinkhole in my wallet but I'd choose that over Olive Garden any day. I love to sketch, play video games and sing unnecessarily loudly to songs I hate when they come on the radio. Most of my time is consumed by competing on DDRX/ITGII and life but if you're bored enough talk to me for an ign on League or Diablo III, I'm always looking for new people to team up with.

    Overall I'm pretty friendly and positive, but most of the time I can come off as unhurried or as if I'm in my own head, I don't mean it to be offensive, don't let it stir a calamity in your mammaries.
    Jazz shuffle and hardstyle dance.
    Potato wedges, baked potatoes, anything potato.

    Wasabi. I really, really hate wasabi.
    Overly flirty or pervy, jerky or unpleasant people in general.

    Keep scrolling for more stuff.

    This is my puppy dog Apollo! He is a German Shepherd/Doberman Pinscher mix who has a mustache and always looks like he's concerned about something. Beside him is my Husky mix Boo!

    Two of my kitties, Sophie and Pixel, whom are a lot more tolerant than they should be.. I could be to blame for that, I'm surprised they can put up with me on a regular basis- and my adorably hyper Dauchshund Cielo whose eager to please and loves everyone.

    Item Quests:

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    Loving Manner
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    Mocha Catte
    Puffmuffin the Chow Chow
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    Pettish Enchanter
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