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Report | 03/25/2007 10:07 am


Yes, weird, but that's Rayi all over. It's my middle name. Rayinweirdte... yeah. xd

also I have a kitty on my hip. *pets him* He's such an attention ho. The neediest, clingiest, most stubbornest cat I've ever met. XD

he drools. >.<
Wizzy-Kun's avatar

Report | 03/24/2007 8:56 pm


" These are the days we will remember… "

Nice halo. I can have it, right? xD *shot*

...*random comment*

" …and these are the days we won‘t forget… "
Rayinte's avatar

Report | 03/24/2007 5:14 pm


"nom" is kind of the sound effect of affectionate chewing-on. XD
Glenn Inverary's avatar

Report | 03/24/2007 11:20 am

Glenn Inverary

maybe we should trade....lol, it's been a long time kiddo, what's new in the world of teh kitten?
Rayinte's avatar

Report | 03/23/2007 9:52 pm



You don't update your journal anymore. sad
Poisonous Platypus's avatar

Report | 03/23/2007 9:46 pm

Poisonous Platypus

hello =)
cool avie
jennifer03's avatar

Report | 03/23/2007 3:04 pm


kitten is sooo popular hiro!
:clings to her: she is mine <3
Cataclysmic Miracle's avatar

Report | 03/22/2007 9:22 am

Cataclysmic Miracle


I was profile hopping and came across yours. I really like it. :3nods: I stared at it for quite a while before really doing anything. XD Just wanted to let you know that.

ladymadonna's avatar

Report | 03/21/2007 10:05 pm


Wow, so, I'm just in awe of your halo... and it also makes me angry because I had an account back in 05 and I could have been getting crazy awesome donation items too, but NOOO! I had to "not be interested" in gaia, only to start up again with super hate for myself and my super stupid-ness... V-V
mizukage213's avatar

Report | 03/21/2007 8:23 pm


thank you for purchasing an item from my store
techno toy16's avatar

Report | 03/21/2007 5:51 pm

techno toy16

I herd u liek mudkipz
pinyaa's avatar

Report | 03/21/2007 2:59 pm


Oh mah gawds. After reading your "About section" I think I'm in lobe with yewz.

Dammit that sounded totally Lesbian. (Not that I have anything against.)

XD Wow. I'll shut up. o___x;;
Glenn Inverary's avatar

Report | 03/21/2007 11:22 am

Glenn Inverary

kitten!!! gimme j00r hal0!! bah, still jealous of your riches....
YamiTsuichi's avatar

Report | 03/19/2007 6:24 pm


i dont feel good crying pertty profile, my sis made mine ^-^
yakko789's avatar

Report | 03/19/2007 5:57 pm


I've noticed that anyone from 03 have really cool profiles. smile
~Twilight - Dreams~'s avatar

Report | 03/19/2007 12:37 pm

~Twilight - Dreams~

oh wow, i love your profile!!!
its realy awesome, did you make it yourself?
ur avie's kute too ^^
Sewage's avatar

Report | 03/19/2007 10:30 am


My pants have exploded off with your words, Have me!
Sewage's avatar

Report | 03/19/2007 9:38 am


Will you buy me the moon?
Chrysaora's avatar

Report | 03/17/2007 4:45 pm


great profile!
I Viet Thuong I 's avatar

Report | 03/17/2007 2:45 pm

I Viet Thuong I

::rnadom:: Man lucky!
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