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Report | 08/18/2014 11:11 am

Yosh the Panda

Hi beautiful! I was just wondering, do you use Whatsapp? heart
L l X l E 's avatar

Report | 08/16/2014 11:24 am

L l X l E

amg what hair is that??!!
Yosh the Panda's avatar

Report | 08/08/2014 3:06 am

Yosh the Panda

It's a promise!! = w=b
Yosh the Panda's avatar

Report | 08/07/2014 12:53 pm

Yosh the Panda

ugh my lack of sending you messages is so shameful D<
I'm buying myself a new laptop soon and then make a skype account and go and have a video chat thingy for hours and hours with you okay????? heart
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Report | 08/06/2014 6:29 pm


Thank you kitten bby emotion_hug
L l X l E 's avatar

Report | 07/31/2014 5:27 pm

L l X l E

i was jsut reading your comments on shiros wall. the spider you killed was a wolf spider. it carries its babies. their bites hurt
VampireDraculina's avatar

Report | 07/25/2014 3:19 am


Your avi looks so freakishly adorable now! *v* heart
And, omgosh! I miss RPing! crying
I was just talking to some facebook friends about that earlier too!
VampireDraculina's avatar

Report | 07/24/2014 2:17 am


Awww.... Thank you! redface
Now we almost match! emotion_awesome
(Just the backgrounds, but its something! crying )
VampireDraculina's avatar

Report | 07/23/2014 6:30 pm


I dont mind at all! heart I dont care what color it is whee
Thank you for taking the time to help try and dress me though! ; 3; heart
I recently changed for the silly Beach subforum thing. I am having entirely too much fun with this mini event... whee

Thanks. Yeah... It's been rough. I am partially in denial right now trying to keep myself constantly distracted so as not to think about it.
So far, its not working, but im trying, damn it! xd
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Report | 07/22/2014 12:06 pm

Shiro Nishida

lol i don't mind showing up as "online" to everyone all the time. Instead i just do the /show always offline if i dont wanna bother others. blaugh

and that sounds like this one internet pic of brown recluses... or maybe daddy long legs? all i know is that it's one of those pics that can make sufferers of arachnophobia faint. :c

eww a creeper! girl yo better watch out gurrrrlll mmm mmmm dat aint good guurrrrrl so glad you called the po po gurrrl //snaps fingers xd
VampireDraculina's avatar

Report | 07/19/2014 11:10 pm


Man, I thought the same. We waited 10 freaking years for the wings and now they come in every shape, size and color.
I quickly got bored with them... sweatdrop But, these just...I dont know. Maybe its just the avi? But, I like them! 3nodding
And, I trust yoooooou! wink
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
((If you cant, that really is okay! ;o; Feel free to change her eyes or hair. Whatever you want heart ))
Shiro Nishida's avatar

Report | 07/17/2014 8:16 pm

Shiro Nishida

I'll still link you on skype so you go "wtf is s**t s**t!?" when you click on the link. :'D
Sometimes you just need to put all the clothes you have on your inventory inside of the storage, and start with zero items. Build it first with Gaia's search system, then once you have it complete, start searching for every item in storage, then go for the ones you still have left to get. and from there, new stuff tends to emerge. It works for me, maybe it'll work for you? 3nodding
yesplz. My skype is always open for you to reach me. whee

It must have been one hell of a day, but I will remind you over skype. promise. :'D

Until then... Sleep well my darling~ ; u; <333
Shiro Nishida's avatar

Report | 07/17/2014 8:08 pm

Shiro Nishida

haha nooo, I wish I was as creative as you. ; u; <333

Remember that thing i was doing in tektek? I ended up saving the avatars using gaia's avatar creation page instead, then save it to a folder online. :'D

I'll link you on skype.

also, i def need to do something for you, as promised. T uT wish me luck... OR BETTER YET! send me a tektek that has your avatar's skin, and fav eyes + hairstyle. I'll take it from there., k? ; u;
H0peh's avatar

Report | 07/17/2014 6:44 pm


Its the item in that rig bundle, the exclusive ; 3;! idk how to spell it xD
Shiro Nishida's avatar

Report | 07/17/2014 4:48 pm

Shiro Nishida

It's actually and android like the one in I, Robot... but creepy alien works too. :'D
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Report | 07/17/2014 12:09 pm


lol i guess Japanese's habit is really different XD

Though they do have beach don't they?
They could totally roast marshmallows lah emotion_kirakira
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Report | 07/16/2014 3:11 pm


Aww that sounds so nice! you'll have to let me know how it all goes emotion_bigheart
Sorry been cleaning birds and getting the garage ready to be painted all day plus doing laundry why I was slow responding lol x.x

I know what you mean I get the same way sometimes. your avatar is still very cute though. you always make amazing avis!
Thank you emotion_hug
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Report | 07/16/2014 1:26 pm


User Image

Awww thank chuuuuuu!
I have a dark avi too for this outfit but I love this fox fur they did for the MC

iHitomi's avatar

Report | 07/16/2014 7:24 am


Hey sweetie how are you? I love your avatar whee
VampireDraculina's avatar

Report | 07/15/2014 6:02 pm


Dude, you are too sweet! T_____T <333
Thank you! At least someone thinks so! emotion_awesome
I am a little happier with her now that I have these damn wings! rofl
And, I highly doubt that. I have seen your avis. They are always freakishly adorable.
How would it be possible for you not to make something adorable for me on accident?! xd
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