Hey what's up I'm Kitten and I've been on this website for way too long. I don't really like adding people to my friend's list that I've never spoken to before but that's not to say I never do it. To be honest I don't really play Gaia much anymore. I just don't have the time or the passion. The only reason I log on anymore is for my amazing friends that I have met over the years and roleplay from time to time in my favorite shops. If you want to get to know me please contact me by PMs first, I'm a very open and outgoing and I wear my heart on my sleeve. I recently received my Masters degree from the University of Edinburgh and I am currently searching for a position with the Smithsonian to further my interest in Early Modern and Renaissance history.

    • I don't know what to put here so let's just imagine I'm actually a witty, interesting person = w=b



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awww emotion_hug Kitten ish pretty pretty whee

Well i have taken a lot of lessons and it was quite expensive already (about 2K euros) and i failed at the exam emo
So now i have to wait before i could take the exam again in september.
Meanwhile, i applied for the accompagnied driving so that i could still drive with my bf smile (this is less expensive than the driving lessons that are 50euros per hour xp )
Menstrual Cramps

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Menstrual Cramps

; u ; <3
Shiro Nishida

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Shiro Nishida

I dare you to make that poll. I DOUBLE DARE you... and no, that's been up there for as long as we've been friends. eek you didn't notice it? really? as for RL commissions, there's a few. I'll link you to some through Skype. :'D your artwhore hungers for what my art whore hungers... SO WE MUST FEAST TOGETHER!!! xd

GOOD HEAVENS no. I dont think I'd have time to be here if I was engaged. :'D ... Still, the idea isn't bad per se. emo .... RIGHT IN THE FEELS, KITTEN!!! crying

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thank you 4laugh *twirls* tryiing to be a lady emotion_dowant

miew actually i want to get back a product manager position ^^
it's just that since i moved to Lyon's subburb, the public transport aren't as great as in Paris. Moreover, the employers prefer to recruit someone with driving license xp le sigh x3;;
Shiro Nishida

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Shiro Nishida

Never as sweet as you. You know it. cool I'm happy to see you around too! T uT <333 (I -still- think you're ******** amazing and my profile says so :'D) Gaia did give up entirely and now feels like a humanoid version of Neopets. sad Only with more ads and announcements. orz I feel cheated too. It's why I'm being very picky with my gold and choosing to RL commission FIRST before I do any commission on Gaia for gold. sweatdrop

Yes ma'am! ninja //stalker mode: ENGAGED

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arff poor kitty ;o; emotion_hug

take care not to overwork ne ;o;

Miew momo is still jobless, trying to find a new position but not so easy ninja especially when i don't have a driving license xP

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Kitttyyyyyyy whee emotion_hug

thank you 4laugh *giggles*
how have you been? 4laugh
Shiro Nishida

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Shiro Nishida

I know, right? :'D I'm glad to -be- back too. And seeing a pretty face like yours makes it all worthwhile. 3nodding As for gold prices rising, you can thank Gaia with their Make it x rigs just overflowing with gold generators. This NEW one can grant up to 3 BILLION gold. Srsly? classified_fu ... anywho they also are releasing the stellar recolors for $100 too. all five of them. Srsly, Gaia just gave up on the Gold Sink problem and now think "screw it, let's just keep releasing items and recolors on the cash shop to make it big! biggrin " emotion_facepalm

You're welcome to stalk me wherever I roam. heart Hope that offer I'm giving you works both ways too. gaia_diamond
Shiro Nishida

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Shiro Nishida

heart heart heart heart heart

Finally back to Gaia after a 3-4 year period? :'D kinda glad my brother logged in with this account during my abscence, otherwise it would have been locked out too. Also I didnt hit you up because I didnt know where you had gone. So many people in my Flist have left Gaia, and I was afraid you had gone away too. 8C Mainly ive been in Art Shop and Auctions forums. After checking up on your latest polls, I think I know why I didnt see you before: you were in breedables this whole time. :'D I don't venture in there.

But it's so good to know you're still here! crying crying crying
Shiro Nishida

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Shiro Nishida



Hoooowwww have you beeeennn?!?!?!?! crying heart


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