Some info about me and such: My name is Noel. I am from North Carolina, but now live in Pensylvania.

I am sometimes super awkward.

To all those I have pushed away, I am sorry.

Music helps me cope with life.

I have mental issues.

I have goals.

(also, if you are finding this page from my facebook, you should know facebook locked me out of my account a long time ago when someone tried to hack my account, so if you want to contact me do it here I guess. Hopefully I see your messages, because I think Gaiaonline deletes unread messages after 2 weeks. I will try to sign in before then though. Do not report my facebook account though, hopefully people that look me up on there will see my gaiaonline link I have on there and then see this and be able to contact me. Anyway, good day to you.