This is Master. Kitten is crazy in love with him. Master is her everything and more. He makes Kitten's heart go doki-doki ~ Master's dark green eyes, his sexy smile and his soft pretty hair ~ Everything about him is so perfect! Master has Kitten's heart and always will even though he's very far away right now. Kitten knows if she is a very good girl and obeys her Master's every word - like she should - she'll be back in his arms by spring.



01. Kitten is horribly vain and slightly narcissistic
02. Kitten speaks in third person most of the time
03. Kitten loves to make people smile
04. Kitten is lady luck incarnate
05. Kitten is a single mother of a devious little boy
06. Kitten is in love with sweets and Japanese food
07. Kitten is older than you think
08. Kitten adores random friend requests
09. Kitten's fashion style is hime, gyaru and lolita
10. Kitten is a practiced herbal and kitchen witch
11. Kitten loves to watch anime and read manga
12. Kitten adores cosplay and baking
13. Kitten is a native California girl
14. Kitten is addicted to Dungeons & Dragons
15. Kitten is the most unique nerd you'll ever meet

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Kitten Morris
Son of Black Blood

Welcome to Kitten's profile! *curtsies*

My favorite ZomZom onomonom! <3