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Last Login: 11/30/2015 4:38 pm

Gender: Female

Location: Some Dark Alley.

Birthday: 10/14/1988

Occupation: Secuirty Guard


What I'm listening to right now...


Why hello there little one, I bet you stumbled in here on accident did you not? Well, you have a chance to escape from my clutches You enjoy being within my grasp? Well then you shall read on and find out some tasty little tid bits about me. However if you are too startled to continue reading there are exits located at the top of the page. >3 Now read on and perhaps leave a comment?

smilies/ is some info about me...smilies/icon_heart.gif

Any of the avi arts in my sig I either paid for, drew myself or was given to me so no stealing them ok?
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Hair color:Dirty Blond with black in the back.
Status:In a relationship with a wonderful man...even if he tends to piss me off sometimes.
Eye color:Brown
School: I graduated!! Class of 2007 Baby. -pelvic thrust-
Birthday: October 14 1988. Year of the Earth dragon...Rawr. I'm also a Libra and my native American Zodiac is crow. My descendant animal is the Metal fox.
Hobbies: Rping, sleeping, reading, and watching T.V. I do draw at times but not very often.
Likes: Spicy food, red tea, literate people, English classes, yaoi, dark rooms, foxes, wolves, rabbits, kitties, colors purple and yellow, techno, rock, Metal and sea food. I LOVE THE BAND LORDI!!! 8D
Dislikes: Illiterate people, rap, beggars/hackers, loud noises, and people staring at me through my window....O.o

Sexual preference: Straight but I do find the same sex attractive at times. Does not mean I want to do them though. (-`ω´- )

I have a beautiful daughter named Kayda who was born on August 13 2012 though she wasn't due till October. I love her dearly.

Last anime watched: Tiger & Bunny...before it become popular on Gaia*
Current anime: Nothing at the moment.
Next up: Dunno yet.

I'm terrified of Thunder, Kappa's, someone staring at me through a window at night, and things that dart quickly across the floor. ><... Don't ask me why, I JUST AM!!!!

The only other strange thing that plagues me is....<.<...........>.>.....O.O I cry during Charmin commercials......Yeah, the ones with the teddy bears. T wT

I'm a HUGE Xigbar fan! I love the little free shooter.
Why do I love Xigbar? Cause he is a perv. x3

Nothing beats a pervert in glasses....NOTHING! D<

Jamie sits and reads.
She flips to another page,
And the plot thickens.

A Haiku by G I R A F F E S

The links to my youtube and Deviant are at the bottom. <33

You are the seme in disguise. Able to fit in and get along with uke and seme alike, you are able to get close to the uke on their level before exerting your dominance. This makes you at times manipulative and able to fool others about your true seme nature. Because of your harmless appearance, it takes the flamboyantly gay Flaming Uke to really bring out your aggressive side and expose you for the seme that you are.

Feel free to add me on facebook, just let me know your Gaia username. x3


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Megumi Bara Ryoko Report | 09/11/2015 4:18 pm
Megumi Bara Ryoko
Si Kit Kat biggrin Miss Me?
SinSenpai Report | 09/06/2015 8:26 pm
You are really beautiful heart redface
Ariele Thibodeaux Report | 10/15/2014 3:48 pm
Ariele Thibodeaux
Happy birthday
Sashasama Report | 06/23/2014 11:13 pm
Happy Summer ^^
Solaine the Fox Report | 06/22/2014 1:16 pm
Solaine the Fox
I miss you and the harem ):
Skyame Report | 05/04/2014 2:43 pm
Ohh very nice. All the dyes sell pretty well. Red ink is up to 765k ea when I last checked. Too bad I have no whites tho XD
Skyame Report | 05/04/2014 9:52 am
Uhg, they need to make a red swishing wolf tail -.-
Skyame Report | 05/04/2014 9:21 am
Geez >o< What are looking to buy?
Skyame Report | 05/04/2014 9:12 am
Yes Same here, well in my case, looking for a better or a second
As for prices, i think its awesome, so easy to make money now mwuahaha
Skyame Report | 05/04/2014 8:48 am
Pretty fantastic razz
Sup with you?




My Furry Self. <3

Kayda and her Kitty Minion.