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I'm Awesome
I'm single
I am about 5'5
I like talking to new people sometimes
I like talking about my cats and family and stuff c:
I'm nothing special
I'm usually a pretty calm person
I like helping others
I dislike school
I'm terrified of spiders
I have curly/wavy hair, but I straighten it sometimes
I was born with blond hair
I dye it a lot
My current hair color is brown
I'm very nice and friendly. c:
I don't hate anyone.
I give to people who don't ask
I get jealous easily
i'm stubborn
I love animals
I have a b***h cat named Rawr.
I swear i'm not emo, she just scratches me often
Takis & Hot Cheetos = LOVE.
I have four dogs and five cats. ATM
We pretty much take in stray animals
i'm a Sophomore in Highschool
I'm very annoying when you get to know me
I live in Texas
I moved from California about five years ago
I can type pretty fast when i'm pissed off or trolling
I don't troll very much anymore
You're still reading this? ;o;
people say I act old for my age (I really don't)
i'm 15
My birthday is November 2
Le two days after Halloween. c:
The worst day of my life was when I figured out I was too old to Trick or treat anymore
I hate when people say YOLO, SWAG, RATCHET.
they're just overly used words
I don't bite hard.
I like hugs. c: (Not from strangers or sweaty people)
I'm super shy so if you see me in hollywood, talk to me first ; n;
I love playing Volleyball
I have many accounts
i've been playing gaia since forever
I'm a good girl
I make As and Bs
Not frozen yogert, that's just healthier ice-cream
I love drawing but i'm terrible at it
I love my friends
I love my family
I'm forced to love my sister because
we're somehow related
I really love singing. C:
i'm just so terrible at it.
I can be funny sometimes
are you seriously still reading this? ;o;
this is why I love you. <3
Don't be afraid to add me. c:


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