about the dork

previously prince sinee (2012-2013), mimeeth (somewhere in-between), and mimed noodle (2008-2010)

Name's Kimmi, but you can call me Kit.
Singaporean - Thai, born in 1998.
Standing at the height of 5'0". I kind of write.

Also on tumblr & ask.fm
Skype: superhero.dee

For anyone who's wondering, 'kitnee' is a play on 'kidney'. It's just something that makes me giggle whenever I look at it. I am also very easily amused, apparently.

I don't do much on this site anymore other than roleplay.
I play males 99.9% of the time. I might make exceptions for females here and there, but I am more comfortable in male roles.
I'm always up for a one x one.

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Beyoncé - Crazy In Love (Remix 2014)

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