adorable bamf

previously prince sinee (2012-2013), mimeeth (somewhere in-between), and mimed noodle (2008-2010)

Call me Kit | '98 | 5'0" | Bangkok
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Skype: superhero.dee

For anyone who's wondering, 'kitnee' is a play on 'kidney'. I honestly don't mean much by it, it's just something that makes me giggle whenever I look at it .. haha yeahh, I'm way too easily amused.

I don't do much on this site anymore other than roleplay. (which I do about once every eon.)
I play males 99.9% of the time. In fact, I haven't roleplayed a female since forever. e . e
I'm always up for a one x one

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Never Met You - Tom Law

sexy stalkers <3