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Birthday: 11/02

About Me!! (ㆁᴗㆁ✿)

Hello everyone!!
Please call me kise emotion_yatta emotion_bigheart
Or whatever you want i guess emotion_sweatdrop

I'm filipino
I don't add random adds
I like being on gaia when im not busy irl
Im quite clumsy and prone to tripping.
I absolutely ADORE studio Ghibili and studio Kizu films!

My favorite sweets:
caramel, blueberry and cakes!

My favorite colors:
mint, pastel pink, pastel purple, pastel blue, jellybean white

My hobbies:
I sculpt dolls, construct dollhouses and miniature furniture!
I like playing on my PSP when im super bored.
I always take my tamagotchi with me to school yum_puddi

foul smells, cringe-worthy stuff, getting embarassed, being dirty

I hope we find something in common!
dont be shy to message me and lets be friends!
please be nice to me okay?
byeeee ! emotion_kirakira

PS: the background is from Arietty (studio ghibli film)
the music is hello/how are you by Vocaloid (music box version)

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