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What I'm pimpin' in

Some Instrumentals by me. X3!

Me flipping a Castlevania Sample!

Me, Rapping!


Me, Rapping! Some more!

C'mon, I needs these! X3

I got stalkers, b

They know me?

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Who I'm is

NEW CONTENT: TO PEOPLE WHO SEE ME IN TOWNS: If you approach me, and your username has the name of a band, artist, movie, anime, etc., I'm not going to talk to you unless you are LITERATE.

MORE NEW CONTENT RELATED TO MUSIC: Follow me on soundcloud!

Kisai's Soundcloud

And peep my bandcamp!

Kisai's Bandcamp

Hmm... How does one describe me...

Here goes...

Aspiring writer. Hopes to be an author someday.

Emcee, and a mighty fine one at that. Actually, I'm a better producer though.

Being a huge nerd, a lot of my tracks sample anime, video games and various other mediums.

In case you wanted to read some of my stuff, I'm on LunaEscence.com under the same name. I'm also on fanfiction.net under the name Vitanova Hayabusa, fictionpress.com under the name Kisai Ehrlange, and I'm on Mediaminer.org under the name Nova-san.


Fave video game: Ninja Gaiden Black. It's freaking excellent. I have been playing this game for over a year now. And it's still a refreshing challenge. Other great games include Dissidia, Street Fighter, Dragon Quest, and Lumines. Hell yeah.

Fave anime: (So many... XD) Serial Experiments Lain, Code Geass, Death Note, Cromartie High School, Ghost in the Shell(Any part of the series) Boogiepop Phantom, Hellsing, Samurai Champloo, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Outlaw Star, Vandread, I"s Pure, and tons more.

Hobbies: Tae kwon do, reading, anime(Duh. XD), cooking, video games, writing(I'm trying to be an author. ^^'), manga, cooking, debating, being goofy, roleplay(I'm fairly new to it, but tis entertaining. ^^), practicing with nunchaku.


These are a few of my favorite things....

Ninjas (I'm obsessed with Ninjas. I have been since I was little. They just rock. Is it any wonder that Ninja Gaiden Black is my favorite game? XD)

Pie (The ultimate dessert! Pie is the greatest invention since fire. The only thing that's better than pie is frozen pie. X])

Yuna (Yep, that's right. I'm a drooling Yuna fanboy. >.>' I don't know when it happened, but it did. I simply love Yuna. I've always been a fan of Final Fantasy. (I love 8-bit theater, by the way. XD) And Yuna is teh awesome.)

Calzone (My favorite food. I'll kill someone's hero for one. ^_^')

Cows (Mooooooooooooooooooo! I love cows. One of my fave animals. The lucky cretins get to be so lazy. XD Also, beef is delicious. ^^')

Bears (Another of my fave animals. Bears = pwn. They don't take anyone's crap, and yet they're so relaxed. :])

Nunchaku (Part of my obsession with ninjas. ^_^ One of my fondest childhood memories is watching Bruce Lee dole out the harshness with a pair of nunchucks. Wa-chaaaaaaa! X])

Street Fighter (Yes, that's right, I'm an old school arcade junkie. So I play a lot of Street Fighter. Blame my brother. I'm addicted. XD)

Music (Music is my life. 73% percent of the time, I'm listening to music. Note that I'm listening to music as I write this. =o)

Blue Raspberry Jolly Ranchers (I love them! They are blue! They are sweet! They are tart! They're damn sexy, and when I have them, I get like a +10 in swagger. XD)

Hip-Hop Songs That Sample Video Games (Srsly, way to combine 2 of my biggest interests! XD)

8-Bit theater (As a fan of Final Fantasy, and a connoisseur of comedy, I fnd 8-bit theater to be the lulziest thing in the interwebs to date. :3)

LIFE (I used to complain a lot, but life's pretty good these days. I guess it was all about me becoming comfortable in my own skin. :3)

Toonami (Toonami's Back, Bitches!)

User Image


Things Kisai HATES:

Posers - DIE....

Uwe Boll - His movies are s**t. Pure unrefined raw s**t.... Grawrg.

Red Rings of Death - Damn you Microsoft. Make your shyt better!

Flamers - Articulate. It stings so much more. I PROMISE.

(Did I mention UWE BOLL? I did? Hmm.... ******** UWE BOLL!!! Ahhh, heals the soul... ^///^)

Prommie attitudes - Stop treating us newer members like we're all a cancer. Some of us DON'T cyber and take pride in our grammar and spelling. Surprising?! I know. It'll be okay. Shhhh...

People who bash FF: The Spirits Within - It's not a bad movie!!! Sure, it's not quite Final Fantasy, is it... Then again, some argue that FFVIII isn't quite Final Fantasy either. Hmm? Consider that. Personally, I like both of these ventures. *nods* Be just a LITTLE bit open-minded, you jerks.

People who mislabel me - Before you label me, get to know me, alright? Or keep your opinion to yourself. You KNOW who you are...

Racism - OF COURSE I hate racism. Especially on the internet. Because the type of people who pull that s**t on the internet are usually the kind of punk a** bitches who would never say that s**t in REAL LIFE because they know they'd get their a** STOMPED. ******** RACISTS! XO

Biters - Come original, you lazy bastards. when the hell did it become ok to just borrow everyone's work. You call it recycling, I call it plagiarism.

(I think that's all for now. ^^ And ******** Uwe Boll. BTW, one of these is a joke. An OBVIOUS joke. Hint: It's NOT Uwe Boll. XD)


I'm taken. I got the best Kitten in the world and I love her so. My cutie wife is Kale Ehrlange. :3

What have video games taught Kisai about life?

(1.) Don't crash, don't learn, be happy.
(2.) Under no circumstances should you ever use your 1up's in exchange for cash or sexual favors. You'll need them to beat the cerberus on level 93.
(3.) If someone disses your fighting style, pet monsters, or general mode of travel, LET THE SUMBITCH HAVE IT! show no mercy.
(4.) When on a date, it's best to not stare at the girl's rack when she's talking about how all men are dogs. It's just common sense.
(5.) No one should ever be allowed to use the words pumpernickel, dollbaby, or Arby's. They're evil...
(6.) Only trust two metals. Mythril and Adamantium.
(7.) If confronted by grubdogs, pray to messiah that your pikmin don't get genocided.
(8.) The glass sword is NOT punkass. It will kill Apollo.
(9.) Killing young children WILL take away from your score at the end.
(10.) And for God's sakes, put trash in a friggin' trash can! It's just simple logic!

What have the internets taught Kisai about life?

(1.) If it exists, there is hentai/porn of it, so suck it up and prepare to have your childhood sodomized.
(2.) Apparently, typos of all kinds are funny, which is why shotting web is a mystery, all of someone's base are belong to another, people can be an hero, and one can be a winnar.
(3.) People cyber like it can really fill that void in their life that they so desperately hope to appease. Either that, or they're bored as hell...
(4.) I'm not the only one who thinks that Shinji is a freaking emo.
(5.) There are no girls on the internet, as it were. O.o
(6.) Because of fact number 5, I'm obligated to warn people that it's a trap.
(7.) There are several things that bitches are not aware of.
(8.) Be cautious when guarding your territory. It's all too easy to have some jerk in your base, killing your dudes.
(9.) It are a fact, I know because of my learnings.
(10.) Caps lock is cruise control for cool. But you still have to steer.
(11.) The hardest substance known to man is either Dragonforce, Chocolate Rain, or Gameboy.
(12.) You want a poncho, ********. You just DO.
(13.) It is can be hugs tiem anytime.
(14.) Don't click links. Unless you love the Rickroll.
(15.) The internet is SERIOUS BUSINESS. Except that it's not.
(16.) Anything can be overturned on the grounds that the poster sucks cocks. Disregard everything the poster says under these conditions.
(17.) When it absolutely CANNOT LIVE TO SEE TOMORROW, get a rocket propelled chainsaw.
(18.) ******** is apparently AW-RIIIGGHT!!! A cat is fine too.
(19.) Dumb s**t happens everyday, but if /b/ sees it, it is legend.
(20.) And if you see a lion, you better get in that damn car! >:3

What has anime taught Kisai about life?

(1.) All girls will hit you if you express any interest in them.
(2.) All girls will hit you if you express any interest in any other girl.
(3.) All girls will hit you if you don't express any interest in them.
(4.) All girls will love whatever cute creature you travel with. They will hit you, too.
(5.) All girls will start a rivalry with another girl over you. This doesn't stop them from hitting you, however.

(6.) There are magical realms beyond what you see. And they're always in some kind of turmoil.
(7.) Magical creatures come in 2 varieties, tiny and kawaii, and BFM (Big friggin' monster!)
(8.) At some point, you will gain the ability to become one of the following. A-BFM, B-Superhero-style magic entity, or C-Mecha.
(9.) Everyone has a magical sword. There are no exceptions.
(10.) Even when you're gettin' your a** stomped, you will have a moment of revalation where you gain unbelievable strength from within'. You can then use said strength to eviscerate your opponent.
(11.) Enjoy that strength while you can, loser! Cuz next season it won't mean crap! XD
(12.) You can do amazing things in a small amount of time if a high energy J-Pop song is playing in the background. That goes double for J-Rock.
(13.) The main antagonist will always beat you senseless in your first meeting, so take your raep like a man, junior!
(14.) Get all sorts of gems and artifacts! They ALL have powers. That diamond you gave your wife? It can open portals.
(15.) Rule 34 denotes that if you're a male animu character, you're in yaoi/slash fanfiction. So just deal with it and hope that they write you as the butchie. It's not less gay, but it might make YOU feel better.
(16.) Rule 34 also states that if you're a female animu character, you are in yuri hentai, so prepare to get a lot closer to your friend/enemy/sister/mother/anything female in your series.
(17.) Rule 34 says extra points for twincest...
(18.) One anime pantyshot can power the country of Thailand for 6 days. Agent Aika kept us running through the 90's. Najica looks to power us through to 2032.
(19.) If you are a tiny kawaii magical creature, fangurls want to glomp you. Lucky b*****d.
(20.) Kagome is a b***h. Die, Kagome! XO


Some thoughts:

-Why do they sterilize needles for lethal injections?
-Is it true that cannibals don't eat clowns because they taste funny?
-Since light travels faster than sound, is that why some people appear bright until you hear them speak?
-If it's true that we're here to help others, then what exactly are the OTHERS here for?
-if it's zero degrees outside today, and it's supposed to be twice as cold tomorrow, how cold is it going to be?

Random things that don't really matter about me:
-Took Tae kwon do for 3 years.
-First anime I ever really started watching was Ronin Warriors.
-Old school Street Fighter elite. There's not too many like me out there anymore.
-Martial arts movie buff. Thinks Tony Jaa has the potential to be the next Bruce Lee.
-is an RPG Fanatic.
-Listens to video game soundtracks while he writes.
-Can actually tell you about the history of the shillelegh.
-Learned the words to 'Modern Major General'
-Aspires to learn Japanese.
-Loves randomness. Therefore loves to make random comments.

Yep, that's me pretty much. Aren't I just the most interesting dork you'll ever meet?


[Kisai's anime rant]

My most legendary rant ever is on this topic.

Congratulations if you read my whole profile. You win a cookie. X3

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