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Current: [ Trainer Gold (Pokemon) ]
Main Cosplays: [ Satsuki Kiryuuin, Asuka Langley Soryuu, Ken Kaneki & Trainer Gold ]

Profile Song: 박지민 (Jimin Park) - ANSWER


Hello, everyone! I like to be referred to as Zero, Kiryuuin, Polar, or by the name of my current cosplay. I am a tall 20 year old Asian male, who is currently a full-time university student. For those who are really curious, I am only interested in women. If you want to know more about me, please consider in actually talking to me.

『Personal Facts』

- Late '07 - Mid '08 Gaian
- I cosplay too much on this site
- Fashion, shoes, & cosmetics/skincare <3
- Traits: Sarcastic, Sassy, Blunt, Clean, Friendly
- Closet Otaku
- Hardcore ONCE (TWICE Fan)
- Kpop/K-indie, Jpop, Jrock/Visual Kei, Classical, Jazz, Rock/Metal, & RnB/Soul
- PC gamer (Ask for Blizzard ID & Steam)
- Competitive Pokémon trainer/breeder (Ask for 3DS friendcode)
- Known Languages: English+Korean+Japanese+Vietnamese+French


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TaiI Star Report | 07/22/2016 10:14 am
Good point good point.
My apologies, the first impression compared to the progression is 0 to 100 when the unexpected happens.
TaiI Star Report | 07/21/2016 5:46 pm
Yeah... honestly tho I can't really see it as ntr to an extent and more like, what the main heroine has a more distorted personality.
To me, I have to see her reject it to no end until it finally happened and slowly changes for the person that claimed them.
What I see in the webtoons is more like the girl always assumes she's right and slowly make their spouse look in the wrong.
This bias alone makes me think that the woman in the webtoons aren't as happy as one would think and just use the facade to slowly corrupt their men.
Namely putting it as the mature genre rather than ntr is a more fitting situation since it all depends on the time and place for those sort of things to happen.
TaiI Star Report | 07/21/2016 1:28 pm
It would be ntr but then again... if they don't make the female character likable in a sense then they're just trash, man.
TaiI Star Report | 07/20/2016 6:00 pm
...Yeah uh... I stumbled upon the forbidden K webtoons that I shouldn't have but did anyways.
I'm surprised I recognized some webtoons whose art styles are similar to some J-artists I'm familiar with (yes... one of them is also a dirty mangaka).
Not gonna lie, the ecchi stuff makes me cringe and shy away from the extreme sh*t even when they censored it with white bars and whatnot.
TaiI Star Report | 07/20/2016 10:27 am
I look into the raws that while I don't understand the conversation, pictures alone tell a story you can fill on yer own which is makes up for the language barrier.
It's fascinating that its far easier to read compared to mangas that usually have slow beginnings or pages that ruins the first impression of one chapter but manhwa is easier structure-wise and activities in the pages.
TaiI Star Report | 07/19/2016 2:29 pm
Honestly Korea is secretly becoming good with their qualities compared to Japan tho it'll take time until they surpass them.
Better creativity and their own influence into the mix to make that transcends Japan culture.
Yeah I've read it and it's kind of sad the translators are slow with the series and finding the raws are getting harder.
TaiI Star Report | 07/19/2016 9:10 am
Korea is the new Japan, bro.
The art is phenomenal.
TaiI Star Report | 07/18/2016 9:34 pm
Besides... I'm not a pervert... I'm misunderstood.
TaiI Star Report | 07/18/2016 9:31 pm
I'm honest but not a d*uche my friend.
I don't mind if it's a turn off around other girls since I got myself one already who... has an even scarier mind than mines.
Point is, it isn't hentai or a rl video. It's made in South Korea so... *coughs* we have a reached a visual piece of artwork.
Fated Olette Report | 07/04/2016 2:46 pm
Ahh about to leave for a firework party