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Current Cosplay: Frederica Bernkastel
Kanji: 黒主 優姫/玖蘭 優姫

"Giving someone all your love is never an assurance that they’ll love you back. Don’t expect love in return; just wait for it to grow in their heart but if it doesn’t, be content it grew in yours."

I love ZeroxYuuki.

Wakaba Sayori is literally my best friend <3

“I don't want anyone to sacrifice anyone else.”

Family: Haruka Kuran (Father),
Juuri Kuran (Mother),
Kaname Kuran (Brother/Lover),
Rido Kuran (Uncle),
Senri Shiki (Cousin),
Kaien Cross (Adoptive father)
Occupation: Student (Day Class)
Race: Pureblood Vampire
Powers and Abilities: Artemis Rod(when human),Breaking Glass, Immeasurable, Artemis Scythe(when vampire)
Status: Alive

The adoptive daughter of the headmaster of Cross Academy, Yuuki is a member of the school's disciplinary committee (public morals committee in Japanese), which is the 'front' for the Guardians. Ten years prior to the events of "Vampire Knight," Yuuki was attacked by a vampire, but was rescued by Kaname. She has lost all memory of her life before the attack, and Headmaster Cross took her in as his own daughter. Yuuki loves Kaname, and even though she has witnessed his vampiric nature when he bit Ruka, she still couldn't stop loving him. However, she has also started to let Zero, a childhood friend, drink her blood, hoping to save him from madness. Yuuki is cheerful and easygoing, and thanks to her work as a Guardian she is good at keeping her cool in sticky situations. There have been hints that she is special, given that vampires are especially drawn to her blood. Her weapon of choice is the "Artemis Rod," an extensible staff she received from Headmaster Cross. Oh I have to run and get the day class to their dorms!

Yuki's favorite subject was Physical Education and her favorite food was ginger pork stir fry set, as well as parfaits.

I accepted it, for it must be true.
I sat by and watched as it concluded.
Did it satisfy me as I thought it would?
I accepted it, for at that time, it was true.
I watched in the anticipation of truth.
And yet it did not satisfy me once again.
I struggled against it, for I knew it a lie.
I beat and struggled against it for all I could.
And once again, the end crashed down on me.
Should I try again, or refuse it this time?
Tsukino Usa
A v e m a r i a xo
Uncle Mion