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Well I'll just write about what i think of.


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-EM- Epic Muffin Report | 10/30/2012 1:19 am
Blademaster Banryu Report | 09/27/2012 11:37 pm
k just posting this so I can see my comments to delete them....
Blademaster Banryu Report | 09/27/2012 11:24 pm
Could be interesting, and I don't think anyone else has done that, though it might not be as useful. (just don't make it double-damage with guaranteed stun or anything, but make sure you're more descriptive about how the effects take place.) G-Shurunen I actually wouldn't change. It's got a powerful effect that I think is very creative... I sort of worry about it being OP, but the attack is supposed to be very powerful anyway so make sense. You should probably change it to a Power-up effect, but specify that the beam attack is treated as a long-range move, and maybe it does double-damage (would make sense) but it's powerful either way.

For Palmon: Dunno if allies will be utilized in this thing or not, so I can't say anything about that, though honestly I wouldn't expect the Plant shock effect to be TOO applicable, but I don't think you need to change it. Just specify how it powers up an ally (giving it +5 attack damage or x amount of healing or something), and how it slows an opponent (probably lowering movement capability, like 5->3 for normal movement or 10->6 for dashing). Creative idea, though. Poison Ivy: Is this meant to be like a status move? Seems like it should be treated as a long-range offensive attack. Does it do damage upon contact? (Normal damage maybe) How much damage does the Poison status do? (3-4 at the end of each turn, like burn?) Is 'snaring' the enemy treated as an effect too? Does it like hold the enemy in place or something? Be specific about what you want it to do. Holding an opponent in place AND poisoning it might be kind of OP, (also is slightly redundant since Plant Shock already slows opponents) so maybe just treat Poison Ivy as an Offensive/Long-range attack that inflicts poisonous residual damage for 1d4 turns and forget the snare thing (or keep it if you like *shrug*).

Hope that helps, good luck fixing it and good luck getting into the tournament. =w=

EFF my comment was too long. Dx
Blademaster Banryu Report | 09/27/2012 11:24 pm
A'ight *cracks knuckles*

In general. Most attack descriptions aren't exceptionally descriptive in describing the results of each attack. Regular attack damage is 4d4 just like in card battles so that might help. Then, you need to be more descriptive about what things like burning and other effects do in terms of damage and other effects. (So... I guess this is creative AND technical counseling. xD) All in all I recommend reading up on that tutorial battle that Lief and Liger posted, the mechanics of the battles are explained in there in terms of how the different types of attacks work.

[b]For Kamemon[/b]: For Met Knuckle there are no 8-sided dice on Gaia. What you could say is that the attack is calculated with 8d4 (8 4-sided dice) instead of 4d4 or just double regular damage or something. Pointer Arrow's effect is kind of unclear. Is it like a seeking-missile kind of attack or something? It sounds like it's probably just a normal projectile. Also generally speaking the trend seems to be that distance attacks cause less damage than close-range, but doesn't necessarily need to be the case. Cora Guard Shield: how much damage can it absorb? Does it just last for the set amount of turns? If so, won't it definitely be intact at the end of that many turns and cause damage? How much damage does it do to nearby enemies? This is one of those attacks of yours that just isn't explained enough. It sounds like a really cool idea if I'm understanding what is there, though... From what I can tell it's supposed to be an armor effect kind of like Turtle Shell/Rock Armor in zOMG, right? If so, it should probably have a set amount of damage absorption (about 20HP damage or so), or else if it lasts through a set amount of turns, maybe it would be more fair/balanced if either it simply REDUCES damage rather than negate it, or if it didn't allow you to attack either (making it a stalling power-up with a damaging effect on anyone nearby, which is also a cool idea that would allow you to potentially do consecutive attacks on close-range fighters or something *shrug*). I suggest either of these effects:
[i]- Cora Guard: Power-Up, Range: Self. A shield forms around Kamemon that can absorb and negate up to 20HP of damage for Kamemon. When the shield breaks, it will burst, causing 2d4 points of HP damage (or maybe just a flat value like 7 or something) to all enemies within a 2-square range.
[i]- Cora Guard: Power-Up, Range: Self. A shield forms around Kamemon that completely absorbs and negates all damage to Kamemon for 1d6 turns. Kamemon cannot attack while protected by Cora Guard. When the duration of the attack is over it bursts, causing all enemies within a 2-square range take 2d4 / 7 / ??? points of HP damage.
[/i]Though of course it's up to you ultimately, do what you think you need to do. ;3 Best thing to do is ask Liger if the effect is OP or anything to make sure. I do my best to make suggestions for balanced and non-OP effects but it can't hurt to check with Liger.

[b]For Dracomon[/b]: Baby Breath should probably do normal damage and have a burn effect that lasts for like 1d4 turns or something like that. Burn effect can be anything from lowering enemies' physical offense like in Pokemon, decreasing their defensive ability to half (or something), or just causing residual damage at the end of each turn (like 3 damage flat at the end of the victim's turn or something). Tail Smash needs to be more descriptive about the stun thing. Does the stun effect always occur? It would probably be more balanced if it just occurred on odd rolls or something. If it's a normal-damage attack with guaranteed chance of stun that might be kinda balanced I guess but sort of pushing it. One idea I had thinking of the Tail Smash attack (because I like Dracomon =w=) could be that it's a double-damaging melee attack with a knockback effect, pushing the opponent back 2-3 squares or something. Could be interesting, and I don't think anyone else ha
Blademaster Banryu Report | 09/27/2012 10:52 pm
Might I offer some creative counseling on attack effects for your Rookie Tourney profile? ;3
Rasho DaKuraito Report | 08/01/2012 3:45 am
hey man how have you been?
HON0R Report | 02/12/2012 7:08 am
LiLi_Princess Report | 01/04/2012 12:13 am
Lol it kinda was.
LiLi_Princess Report | 01/03/2012 7:14 pm
If you havent watched it, you are uncultured! (I mean, unless you're not american then i guess it's okay).
It's that movie with Amanda Bynes and Channing whatshisface.

It's a comedy about this girl who gets cut from her soccer team from her old school (they cut the girl's team) so she poses as her twin brother and goes to his school and tries out for the soccer team there. And it's just basically about how she pretends to be a guy and how she likes her roomate but her roomate likes this other blonde chick that likes the main character thinking that the main character is a dude. It's really interesting smile and hilarious.
LiLi_Princess Report | 01/03/2012 6:56 pm
That sounds interesting...

And that Twelfth Night is the original version of She's The Man... which is an amazing movie :]



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