TM15 In My Butt

Facebook: Zakari

Favourite anime are:

My respect is hard to earn,
my friendship is not.

I've been playing World of Warcraft since Wotlk.

I hate people who take me seriously.

I'm a music addict.

I love Markiplier.

I'm homosexual.

Hearthstone is hella fun.

I main a marksman hunter, alliance side.

BattleTag: OtakuKid#1189

My main decks are rogue, hunter and mage.

I roleplay, just ask!

Pictures of Me:
As a Male As a Female

I have two tattoos.

Horde Symbol - Upper right arm

Fairy Tail Symbol - Stomach

Attack on Titan, One Piece

Steam Tag: Kirinar

Talk to me about Don't Starve.

|| Zakari Victor Vincent || 17 ||
|| Gender Fluid || United States ||

This is muh best frand.

Winter Winds Mumford & Sons