{About Me}

Hello my name is Kara or you can call me Kire which ever you prefer. I've been on and off of gaia since the beginning but my time spent here seems to slowly become less and less over time. I love Anime, Video Games, Manga, Visual Novels and collecting.

Online Games I currently Play Mobile: Love Live and MMO: Maple Story (although I'm not very active anymore mostly log in for events and to check out updates) I also have steam.

Some of my Favorite Anime series would be, Welcome to the NHK, SoniAni, Himouto! Umaru-Chan, Your lie in April, Madoka Magica, Steins;Gate, Love Live, Ah! My Goddess, Slayers, SAO GGO Arc, Watamote, Aoharu x Kikanjuu, Ghost Hunt, School Days and many more. My favorite genre in Anime would Horror and Comedy. (Horror being my favorite genre in just about everything. :'D However I also really enjoy cute things.

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