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the jazz of life mixed with spices and orange juice

"Gods... Their powers have limits. The more we believe in them, the more we pray and think about them - the stronger they become. We build temples, conduct complex rituals, shed blood and tears for them to prosper and help us in our time of great need. And they do. Sometimes. Out of love, out of sympathy. Out of hate or out of fear. They are not immortal, oh no. They die too. When the very last memories of them fade away they disappear into oblivion. It's not a final death so to say, they fell into slumber till someone foolish enough to disturb their sleep appears."
- abstract from journal of E.H., scientist and researcher

"Curiosity killed a cat they said. How true they were. Delving into old ruins in search of some old rotten book sure was a mistake. It's just like an iceberg: you see a small tip unwary of a deadly threat you are facing. It was not just some old tomb. It was a temple. A really old one, I can't even imagine how it managed to withstand the test of times, the faith and love of its creators was strong for sure. Dark long halls going deep into the stone, like wounds inflicted by a sharp blade. The dance of shadows playing tricks on my mind, I hear whispers, I see figures. It's hard to breath, it feels like something is.. chaining me, dragging forward. Preventing from screwing it all and getting the hell out of here. I regret coming there despite the dead beauty of this place."
- abstract from journal of E.H., scientist and researcher