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Yeah, take a look and see what happens. lol Naw, go ahead and look. ^_^



Hello and welcome to my profile!
I'm 20 years old
My birthday is Oct. 27.
My favorite color is blue.

Feel free to pm or comment, I welcome random conversations!


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x-SeasaltStix Report | 04/07/2014 10:02 pm
Pfft x'D
Wow, cry? Really?
You should be thanking her though, since she's the one who told me to buy it for you ;3
And thank you.~ = v= /
x-SeasaltStix Report | 04/07/2014 1:32 pm
I sent the Melody item to you by accident! > A<;;
x-SeasaltStix Report | 02/06/2014 12:33 pm
You should look at the video on my profile.~
Also, can you do me a favor and ask your sister if our Quiz for Art 258 is tomorrow? >__<;
Thank you!
Kiminity21 Report | 01/30/2014 11:15 am
Hi there I saw you online, so thought I should stop by and say hi.. XD
VidaNueva Report | 12/27/2013 12:56 pm
Thank you! Merry Christmas to you too!
nenshou kitsune-sama Report | 12/26/2013 8:45 pm
nenshou kitsune-sama
Hey I like your avi it looks cute smile
II HazukiSama II Report | 12/17/2013 4:54 pm
II HazukiSama II
Wow.. that made me laugh x'D
I actually fed her a cookie > 3>;;
VidaNueva Report | 12/17/2013 1:46 pm
Aww haha, thank you <3
I knowww, I was so done with school to, now I feel so relieved...
Finals weeks are so tedious
II HazukiSama II Report | 12/17/2013 9:48 am
II HazukiSama II
I'll try ; v ;
But she's way more dedicated than me..
and thank you!
*will need it and a lot*
VidaNueva Report | 12/16/2013 7:00 pm
They are both good and bad, but I'm doing fine, don't worry.
Aaah, finals!! I just got out of finals last week.
You can do it!


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