Hello and welcome to my profile!
I'm 23 years old
My birthday is Oct. 27.
My favorite color is blue.
Most awesome siblings in the world Evelin7 and 1_Toko_Jin_1 emotion_kirakira

Feel free to pm or comment, I welcome random conversations!

Random tidbits about me, I love Kpop, anime, and games~
Currently in FFXV Hell
Ignis is bae heart


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Kintara5's journal...

Yeah, take a look and see what happens. lol Naw, go ahead and look. ^_^



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Prince Leonhart

Report | 08/22/2017 1:57 am

Prince Leonhart

my first comment in 3 years thanks 3nodding

Report | 05/23/2017 12:01 am


Heyyy how are you mrgreen
LeV Oblivion

Report | 03/23/2017 11:57 pm

LeV Oblivion

what is sanity anymore? scream
true true, i'll live! and learn all about world domination. (with great power comes great... loss of sanity?!)

ayeeee, paint and print just like me, i am a proud senpai crying
best of luck, man. if you need me to yell at you to learn about art history, I'll be here emotion_dowant

LeV Oblivion

Report | 03/23/2017 11:39 pm

LeV Oblivion

fact: it never got better. just gets worse as time goes. yay me!
i'm fine. dont' worry. i'm still kinda alive. xD

oh s**t, nice kouhai! Art major? good good. best of luck!
LeV Oblivion

Report | 03/23/2017 6:09 pm

LeV Oblivion

my life: emotion_zombie emotion_zombie emotion_zombie crying crying gonk scream emo emotion_zzz
how you doin' kouhai?

Report | 03/16/2017 11:11 am


honestly the truth

Report | 03/14/2017 6:35 pm


The ones I'd recommend are Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon, Akiba's Trip and Konosuba cat_3nodding
Bakura Bandit King

Report | 03/08/2017 9:39 pm

Bakura Bandit King

Annnnnnnnnnd you'd be right helpless citizen! It is I the Defender of Justi- I mean normal student Flay Gunnar !!

(( LOL YES I love him XD and i am DYING to play with this character ))

Report | 03/01/2017 6:34 pm


I haven't seen those two sweatdrop yet
I have a lot on my list for this season haha
Akiba's Trip, Konosuba s2, Masamune-kun no Revenge, Youjo Senki,
Demi-chan wa Kataritai, Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon, Gabriel Dropout
and finally Urara Meirochou xD

Report | 02/28/2017 9:54 am


Have you been watching any anime this season? cat_3nodding



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