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Yeah, take a look and see what happens. lol Naw, go ahead and look. ^_^



Hello and welcome to my profile!
I'm 21 years old
My birthday is Oct. 27.
My favorite color is blue.

Feel free to pm or comment, I welcome random conversations!

Random tidbits about me, I love Kpop, anime, and games~


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RikyuXXI Report | 02/23/2015 8:27 am
please, don't use my voice as your ringtone gonk
LeV Oblivion Report | 02/19/2015 11:15 pm
LeV Oblivion
YURI ! scream
x-SeasaltStix Report | 02/19/2015 9:35 pm
PFFT.. for once, I can not argue with that = u=;
1_Toko_Jin_1 Report | 02/19/2015 5:48 pm
Next time ask? I didnt know you were looking for their account haha x D
LeV Oblivion Report | 02/19/2015 5:39 pm
LeV Oblivion
ANATOMY! emotion_awesome
evelin7 Report | 12/05/2014 7:06 pm
User Image
You think it's that simple? ・_・
It'll kill me. OTL
xXxTonelicoxXx Report | 10/22/2014 6:30 pm
Hi there! You probably don't remember me, but I posted on your K-pop thread 3nodding
I had just wanted to stop by and say hi razz
ladymay111 Report | 09/25/2014 7:01 pm
yeah they are hard too find on here, your right its like hide and seek. we K-pop fans should stick together wink emotion_yatta emotion_brofist
ladymay111 Report | 09/25/2014 6:46 pm
Thanks for accepting my friend request biggrin mrgreen its so cool to find another k-pop lover on here !
1_Toko_Jin_1 Report | 06/08/2014 8:31 pm
Just finished looking at the B2ST teasers for their album
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