gaia_smilies/icon_nitemarewing_left.gif Hi, I'm Kursten. I'm a Libra. I'm 19 years old. I don't know what I am really but I'm a colorful person. This about sums me up: INTP I love to be me I don't care what your problem is. I try to be the best I can be and will tell you my honest opinion on any matter. Just because I'm quiet doesn't mean I don't know what's going on; it's called being observant, deducing, analytic, and calculating. I love my family and friend and will treat you how you deserve to be treated. Flirting is fun. Sex jokes too. PS I'm the Devil gaia_smilies/icon_nitemarewing_right.gif

My Nephew Jake says:
"Auntie I met like a few months ago.
She's not really my auntie but she feels like one to me. ; u;
She's like one of the coolest people you will ever meet and stuff
-flailing arms.-
And you live in florida like I do. ERMAHGURD e U e
We should like totally meet up some day and have some
awkward Auntie and Nephew bonding time. o3o.
Lets be gaia family for eternity. smilies/icon_4laugh.gif "
Omfg Jake i love you <3


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Evocative Enigma Report | 01/11/2017 12:06 am
ROFL! Well, a lot of people would argue that it's lazy/cliche, but oh well, right? XD I'll stick to my black and white items, and buy a few colors for mules every now and then, but have fun with an inventory without color. XD
Evocative Enigma Report | 01/10/2017 11:53 pm
XD It's always nice to find something that looks JUST PERFECT with the rest of your avi, but I'm so damn picky... using black and white is just a time saver. I got a dream avi done in pastels years ago and barely change it since I like that avatar so much, but it's SO HARD to find items in the color scheme to match, so I leave it after throwing in the towel on looking for a new look for it. XD
Evocative Enigma Report | 01/10/2017 11:46 pm
Haha..... yeah, the site never was too popular, but the dye system thing had a lot of potential, just never took off sadly. XD But at least gaia has a HUGE selection of items that are pretty affordable. Hell, I have pages worth of black and white items alone and STILL find things on the market when I think, "Oh, that looks cute!" and get the message on it, "You own this item." ROFL! That's always a good feeling though. It's like getting something new when you find something you thought was lost and haven't played with it in years.
Evocative Enigma Report | 01/10/2017 11:38 pm
ROFL! I was on another avatar site where there was a system like that... all items come in black... get to choose what color you want to dye each part, was pretty cool! XD
Evocative Enigma Report | 01/10/2017 11:33 pm
Yeah... makes me wish Gaia had a cheap dye system to just CHOOSE which colors you want to wear on an item. LOL
Evocative Enigma Report | 01/10/2017 11:28 pm
^_^ The fluffier the better, right? biggrin And yeah, it's always fun trying to come up with a new combination that looks unique. XD I pretty much gave up trying to save up for every recolor though, so now I tend to only collect monochrome, so that makes it easier to match colors for me. ROFL
Evocative Enigma Report | 01/10/2017 11:23 pm
ROFL! I tend to try to find much cheaper items if there's a pose on something I like, but too lazy to try to save up for as well. I think the pure black looks better than the offblack anyways. XD
Evocative Enigma Report | 01/10/2017 11:17 pm
Thank you so much! ^_^ I already own it, I use it for the eyeshadow all the time, I just don't use it much else! ROFL... XD
Evocative Enigma Report | 01/10/2017 11:14 pm
Hello! I really like your avi. Would you mind telling me what item your coat is from?
divineIy Report | 12/30/2016 6:31 pm


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