💋 General Information 💋

🐾 Full Name: Kimora LaDubois
🐾 Neko Age: 319
🐾 Actual Demonic Age: Unknown
🐾 Gender: Female
🐾 Birth Date: September 30
🐾 Relationship Status: Reserved
🐾 Sexuality: Straight
🐾 Zodiac: Libra
🐾 Race: Deranged Neko and Psychotic Succubus

💋 Appearance 💋

🐾 Height: 5'0"
🐾 Weight: 115 Ibs.
🐾 Body: Similar to an hourglass shape. Specifically, bra size is 34 DD and bottoms are medium.
🐾 Skin Tone: Slightly tan.
🐾 Natural Eye Color: Pale pink with a single, crystal blue spec on opposite sides of the pupils.
🐾 Natural Hair Color: Snowy white.
🐾 Demonic Eye Color: Pitch Black
🐾 Hair Length: The length of her body.
🐾 Defining Facial Features:
~Eyes- Big and bright. Similar to "Puppy Eyes"
~Nose- Small cat like, triangle nose.
~Lips- Full and plump
🐾 Markings: Outlined Black Cross on the inner right thigh. Some small scars through out her chest and back.
🐾 Natural Speech Patterns: Particularly English with a sweet, soft almost child like voice.
🐾 Demonic Speech Patterns: More strict and threatening. A maturing voice that overlaps her natural voice.

💋 Personality 💋

🐾 Natural Traits: Overly caring, Loyal, Hopeless romantic, Sensitive
🐾 Demonic Traits: Demanding, Cruel, Violent, Resistant
🐾 Natural Likes:
~ Helping others
~ Putting others happiness before her own
~ Meeting new people who accept her past
🐾 Natural Dislikes:
~ Being alone
~ Being dominated by others
~ Being betrayed
🐾 Demonic Likes:
~ Hearing people scream
~ Watching and making people suffer
~ Aggravating others
🐾 Demonic Dislikes:
~ Being underestimated
~ Being reminded of her past
~ Being loved
🐾 Bad Habits:
~Putting others in front of her own well being
~Falling for the wrong lover
~Being gullible

💋 Family 💋

🐾 Marital Status: Has been married several times.
🐾 Birth Father: Deceased (RPC wise)
🐾 Birth Mother: Deceased (RPC wise)
🐾 Siblings: Deceased (RPC wise)
🐾 Children:
~Biological Children: Carson, Roseveena, and Yugo
~Adopted Children: A few

💋 Biography 💋
When Kimora was born, her parents were excited and thrilled to have a baby girl. Especially a girl, who resembled her mother's complexion as well as her mother's feline features. Kimora's grandfather was a weapon master who actually owned his own dojo while her parents were "stay at home" parents. She was always given rewards and such when she went to visit her grandfather in his dojo being that he was her teacher. As an infant and growing older, Kimora was spoiled and treated just like a princess, but eventually her life would change into complete misery on her third birthday.
By the time Kimora was three, she was able to walk, talk, and even fight a bit learning about her wonderful gifts. After returning home on her third birthday, she made her way to kitchen to greet her mother as she always did after a fun day of training with her grandfather. Once in the kitchen, she noticed her mother would not look at her. Kimora was curious as to what could be wrong with her mother, so as a concerned child, she asked "What's wrong Mama?" It took a few moments for her mother to respond, but judging by the way her mother was slamming dishes and such, the response wouldn't be good. "Go into my room, your father is waiting there for you and happy birthday." Her mother finally answered. Kimora was eager to see her father assuming he had a birthday present for her, so away she went skipping into the bedroom. Once in the bedroom, her father was sitting on the bed. He had a queer look in his eye and it was odd that he had his shirt off. "Come sit," he said as he pat the blanket next to him, "I have a present for you." Overly excited with joy now, Kimora did as she was told as she watched her father get up from his side of the bed. What could it be? A doll? A new ball? Oh, this was so exciting for Kimora. Her father locked the bedroom door and made his way back to the bed. "Where's my gift, Papa?" Anxiously waiting for her gift. "I can show you, more than I can tell you." Her father responded as he rubbed the back of his hand along Kimora's right cheek. That is when it happened.
Kimora was molested by her father. This changed Kimora's life forever. Not only did this happen once, it continued everyday when Kimora came home. It became an everyday routine. Kimora tried to confine in her grandfather and tell him about what was going on, but his grandfather never did anything about it. It was as if he didn't care. Kimora was permanently scared for life and deathly afraid of going home everyday. After the molestation or during it, if Kimora was disobedient, she was brutally beaten by her father. No matter how loudly Kimora yelled, her mother never came to her rescue and neither did her older brother. Eventually, enough would be enough.
On Kimora's fourth birthday, before her mother even had the chance to tell her daughter to go into the bedroom, Kimora already went into the room. She entered in as calm as ever, except one thing was off, her eyes were not their normal color. They were pitch black as if nothing were there at all. Before, her father could even say a word, Kimora was already in action. She used the handcuffs and rope that her father had used on her to restrain him to a chair. To him, it was a game and a new approach for his daughter and figured that maybe finally her inner demonic side was kicking in. It was in fact her inner demon, but it was not the seductive side. She wanted to make her family pay. Walking into the kitchen to finally see her mother, her mother asked "Finished already? That was fast." Kimora did not say anything, but she did grab butcher knife from a low counter and immediately stabbed her mother in the back. The bedroom that her father was sitting in was in clear view of the kitchen so Kimora looked at him and asked, "This is what you wanted, Daddy?" she continuously penetrated her mother with the knife over and over for a total of thirty four times listening to her father demand that she were to stop and praising the screams of her mother. After looking at her father and seeing how he just looked angry, but he wasn't crying, she wandered off to her brother's room. Her brother was already locked inside so this was easy. She placed her hand on the wooden frame of the door as her eyes flickered to a red color for just a split second, the amount of heat that flowed through her hand was incredible, it lit the frame on fire. Listening to her brother trying to barge out of the room and scream in agony over his life, pleased her even more. Then it was time for the big finish, the time she had been waiting for. Walking back into the bedroom, staring at her father's face as it was swarmed by mix emotions and he struggled to break free of his own handcuffs, she stood on a stool and tired the rope around the ceiling fan. Stepping down to her father's ear, she whispered "Wanna know what the best part of this all is?" Her father growled in a deep tone "What?" Kimora snickered with a sinister look on her face "I can show you better than I can tell you..." Kimora turned on the fan and watched as it swung her father around in circles, just dangling there.
Kimora left the house before it was fully burned to the ground. She watched it as it burned just remembering all of the pain that she had felt there. The only thing that she had kept was a few small pictures as well as a family locket, she retrieved when she was born. It played her lullaby while blowing up a hologram of the family all together. (Her lullaby is the song on my profile) Knowing that her grandfather was the only one left, she made her way to the dojo. Walking inside, she stared at all of the weapons, thinking about which one she should take before she would voyage on her own. Just as she was reaching for her grandfather's scythe, she heard his voice behind him. "What are you---....." Before he could finish his sentence, he startled Kimora and she swung the scythe at him, literally slashing his throat. Kimora didn't mean to do it. She honestly did not. She wanted to live with her grandfather being he was the only one who showed some kind of love and care for her, but now she sees what she has become. A monster. Kimora looked at the scythe and read the inscribed words with in it. It read "Sometimes you have to let go and be free." It meant something to her and now that she would be on her own, it was inspiration for her.
Through out the next couple of years, everything was about survival of the fittest. Kimora continued to switch back and forth from her inner demon to her regular self. She felt like she was cursed, but it was who she was and she had learned to accept it being on her own. She made a few friends and a few enemies, fell in love, then suffered heartbreak and sorrow, making her who she is today.

💋 Abilities 💋

🐾 Black Magic:
~Typical fire tricks, nothing completely insane or out of hand.
🐾 White Magic:
~Pink magic developed by a single kiss.
🐾 Eye Color:
~Red- Accessing fire abilities.
~Blue- Accessing her soul energy.
(Powers are described more in depth when they are actually used.)
💋 Weapons 💋

🐾 Physical being (Hands and Feet)
🐾 Her Grandfather's scythe.


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Omasa smiled before standing upright, brushing her gown off gently with her black gloves. She then turned to her queen and wrapped her arms around her gently offering a soft smile. "It's good to see you again Kitty."
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"Just tell me my queen on what your wishes are as I shall follow them." Omasa bowed her head allowing the long white hair to fall infront of her face causing the large hat to slip. Gripping the hat quickly before it fell past her face she then held it with her black gloved hand, using her large black wings to curl behind her and rests them against her shoulders. Her small wolf companion sat next to her allowing drool to drip down the side of the black snout.
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