Sabaidee ^_^ I'm known as Kimi Chan here online. I'm a 15 year old azn girl livin somewhere on earth with nuthin better to do! For those of you who wants to know what 'kind' of asian i am, i'm Lao ^_^ I'm a total band geek who plays the flute in the high school marching, concert, and symphonic band. I'm a sophmore (10th grader) this year!! yay smilies/icon_blaugh.gif Besides being a band geek, i'm also interested in photography and graphic designing. yeah i know it sounds geeky, but yall wouldn't have those cool banners and thingys if it wasn't for graphics! as you can see i LOVE anime. all sorts of anime not just naruto for those of you who randomly come up and call me a narutard =_= try reading this before you comment genius! yes ppl, i like bleach too so shut up =_= well that's all i'm gonna say about me^_^

My Theme for August 2007

As you can see. For August, I have chosen Uchiha Sasuke to be my profile theme. He's one of my favorites from the popular anime series, Naruto and Naruto Shippuuden. Unlike some people, I'm not saying 'EW SASUKE'S SO GAY CAUSE HE KISSED NARUTO!!'. People.... that was an accident =_= if you watched the series, some guy pushed naruto which sent him forward and... that happend. Plus, they were equally grossed out lol. In the first arc of naruto. Sasuke was on team 7 with naruto and sakura and his sensei kakashi. Of course, people call him the emo kid because of his dark personality. Then eventually in the series, he decided to join orochimaru, because he thinks he's 'not getting any stronger by staying with konoha. In Shippuuden, we can see he's grown to be a powerful shinobi... plus he has a sword =) I haven't gotten far in that series yet, but i know he kills deidara. He's one of my favorites because of his determination, skills, and great knowledge in being a strong shinobi. Hope you guys enjoy my profile ^_^ and if you want something similar to this, look at the bottom of my profile and plz pm the creator so she can make one for you.

My Cosplay

As you can see, I'm cosplaying Genin 'blue' Sasuke with Sharingan (red eyes), a Shadow Shuriken (dark star), and Chidori (mimzy aura and shadow spirit). I could cosplay him without all those monthly items, but sence i did nine tailed fox naruto with rasengan last month, i've decided to do something new with Sasuke. So hope you enjoy my cosplay ^_^

Uchiha Sasuke

Name: Uchiha Sasuke
Age: 13
Birthday: 23 July
Zodiac: Leo
Rank: Genin
From: Leaf
Teacher: Kakashi
Teammates: Uzumaki Naruto, Haruno Sakura
Family: Uchiha Itachi (elder brother)
Favourite technique: Grand Fireball Technique

Background: Sole survivor of the Uchiha clan when his elder brother went on a killing rampage.

The Deal with him: Sasuke was a regular adorable ninja student with big dreams of being an excellent ninja like his elder brother. But after Itachi killed their family and screwed up his mind to "live in an unsightly way", Sasuke became cool, and calls himself an 'avenger', whose purpose in life was to kill his brother. For some obscure reason, that made all the girls at the academy fall in love with him.

Sasuke first started to use his Sharingan when he fought against Haku with Naruto at Wave Country. His pretty eyes and body attracted the liking of Orochimaru, who wishes to take over his body after he became truly strong. To show his admiration, Orochimaru left a cursed seal after delightfully sinking his fangs into Sasuke's neck, which Kakashi sealed, but threatens to unleash everytime Sasuke gets excited in a fight.

After engaging in a precarious fight with Naruto, Sasuke felt inferior as he seemed not to be improving as much as Naruto. Orochimaru took the chance to send the Sound 4 ninjas to convince Sasuke to leave the Leaf village to seek more power from Orochimaru. Thus, Sasuke abandoned Konoha (Sakura's endless whining might have helped him decide to leave in a hurry) and is on his way to the Sound village.

Random Icons

Favorite Sasuke Couple...

Sasuke x Sakura!! smilies/icon_blaugh.gif

Sorry girls, I'm not a fan of Naruto x Sasuke at all!! I'm a fan of Sasuke x Sakura ^_^ Why do I think this couple should be together. Ok, well even though Sakura at first was a total fan girl of Sasuke and we all find that annoying. But, if you pay attention, she has grown more mature throughout the series. Even in Shippuuden, she wasn't a total fan girl anymore and was even willing to kill sasuke when he was attacking her friends. For those of you who read the manga, don't you find it odd that it took about 3 panels just for sasuke to pull out his sword to attack sakura? and the way he attacked her, he probably knew she'll dodge it right away. There's evidence all around us you know ^_^ Plus, sakura IS the only girl that 'truly' cared for him. So yes, I am a SasuSaku fan ^_^ and proud of it!



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XoX Cloe XoX

hi cool profile

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Hi! Thank you for welcoming me to gaia!

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Dante Raynor

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Dante Raynor

hello i dought you remeber me we were friends before your azn sakura account got hacked..i saaw that notice and decided to try to add you on ym firneds list again....if you remebr me or my sister let me know

have fun
Tien Natsume

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Tien Natsume

Hi Kimi I need a card when you get some time plz, It doesn't matter how it looks just do your thing and put the shippuuden sasuke on it if you can
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Random outcast needs love

hello! :~
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joey da ramone


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Hello,back on gaia.
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Tien Natsume

Yo Kimi Long time no see right, Anyway Pm me when you see this or when you get back on ANyway lots of love Peace.

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Hello Kimi Chan15. I used to be a member of the Naruto guild, but I was banned when I took a vacation. I'd like to return to the village, please.


Kimi Chan's Theme of August 2007.... Uchiha Sasuke