Kimbley of Chaos


Last Login: 10/02/2015 4:33 pm

Gender: Female

Location: Texas, U.S

Birthday: 05/31

Occupation: High School Student


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I have been on gaiaonline 7 years. Originally started on Thursday, February 14, 2008.

Hello! I am Kimbley Dyer, I go by Kimbley Chaos or Kimbley of Chaos. I was the first 'of Chaos' and soon after people started using it on there names, too. Since my name is in the username, I do get relatively pissed off if you misspell it. So I apologize ahead of time for the attitude I will give you for misspelling it.
I'm 15. Yes yes, I'm young. Seriously, just lay off that. I am a sophomore in high school, and I plan to hopefully go into the film industry.
Relationship Status: Taken <3
I am taken by Evan Alford, aka Evan of Chaos on here. He isn't using his account yet but you can find him on here. c:
To Be Known: many really bad heartbreaks have really gotten to me. Currently having trust issues, afraid of committing and not being committed to, and most importantly afraid of putting myself out there anymore. (Yes I am only 15, doesn't mean I can't have fallen in love before.)
Sexuality: Pansexual. (If you want an explanation, look it up.)
I have a dear best friend to me in real life. Her name is Amelia. (Let's call her Ame alright?) She's slightly older than me and she is truly wonderful. One of the best people I have ever met. Mess with her, your dead. No if's, and's, or butt's about it.
I love these shows and more - Eye Candy, The Fosters, Chasing Life, Are You The One, The Voice, The Real World, Awkward, Faking It, Finding Carter, Happyland.
Uhm, if someone asks what kind of things I like... Anime, Roleplaying, Writing, Reading, TV, Music, Night, Sleep, The Stars, The Moon, Storms, Etc.
I love anime. Its love, its life.
Favorite Quote: "Don't wait for the world to be ready." - Joey Graceffa
I collect the scythe's on here along with I Am's and other items I deem must be collected.
I delete comments 24/7. I only keep the ones that I wish to collect for some time. So if you post a comment and realize I never responded and it was deleted, I did that. It wasn't an error. Don't redo your comment.
I am mentally broken inside. By many things. If I seem mean, arrogant, or insolent, I apologize ahead of time. I am very short tempered, too, so its more of a you say something I don't like, I get heated up real fast. Good luck with that.
When growing up I knew I had ADHD and ODD (a hyper active and a defiance disorders), but during the month of April, 2015, I learned I also have autism (a social disorder? Haven't done my research on it and don't plan to for some time).
If you want to ask me some questions or something, send me a PM asking whatever it is. I don't mind.


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XII Xepher Report | 07/15/2015 6:03 am
XII Xepher
haha a BIG thank you. your the only one that remembered my birthday although it already passed still thanks heart heart heart
killer_music Report | 05/31/2014 9:49 pm
HAPPY B-DAY MY AWESOME NIGGA heart heart heart
Dressed in Blauq Report | 02/14/2014 7:57 am
Dressed in Blauq
Well, s**t. xd

I am that to you.
huehuehue. Love ya bestfriend.