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Killer-Wolf-San's Journal

I guess i will put my personal thoughts here. I used to be demon like ninja but i have decided to start new. and i also deleted all of my old journal entries because...Im 17 now and back then my grammer and spelling was ABSOLUTELY terrible. Sadly i w

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Last Login: 08/25/2015 10:07 pm

Registered: 11/08/2009

Gender: Male

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Birthday: 11/01

Occupation: Gamer, YouTuber, Twitch Streamer


You Actually Gonna Read All of This?

Yo Whats going on stranger? Welcome to the profile of a gamer. Anyways, I'm a YouTuber, Twitch Streamer, and general normal anti social guy. As you can see I enjoy games..A lot. I'm an eighteen year old chasing a 16 year old dream of being a famous YouTuber(I wanted to be one when I was 16 but couldn't do it cause I didn't get a capture card til 18 ). I'm quiet a lot around strangers and honestly afraid of hurting peoples feelings even if I do hate them strangely. I'm returning to gaia for reasons i don't even know. I quit a long time ago due to some situations I was in. If you ask maybe i'll tell you. This is pretty long isn't it? If you even made it this far you must really want to know me. It's shocking honestly. I want to be known in the gaming world. I want to be somebody in that world like everyone else is and honestly I don't even know if what I want will happen..Guess that's why I continue to pursue it?
Gaming Systems

PS3, Desktop, 3DS, GameCube,Laptop (Its a lot isn't it? Sarcasm for those who can't tell.)
Anything Else?

I don't know...Ask me if you like to read a lot at a time.



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Man Im Screwed Report | 11/26/2013 2:24 pm
Man Im Screwed
Oh, Hi there. It's been good and challenging(High-school makes me so tryhard. emotion_donotwant ) So how are you doing? emotion_yatta
chaos56459 Report | 08/19/2012 8:49 am
hey,its been forever since i've been on here,i'm really looking forward to talk to you again,pm me or something?
Man Im Screwed Report | 08/13/2012 11:57 pm
Man Im Screwed
Hey hows it going? I wanted to know if you wanted to do a role play together sometime if your not busy. smile
Cheranimecat Report | 06/23/2012 3:36 am
hi what's up and how are you and how is life treating ya? xd heart
June of Haze Report | 05/11/2012 7:05 pm
June of Haze
whats up?
Man Im Screwed Report | 05/10/2012 1:49 pm
Man Im Screwed
Hows it going? Its been awhile. smile
June of Haze Report | 05/08/2012 7:08 pm
June of Haze
Silent Melodies Report | 02/19/2012 3:13 pm
Silent Melodies
Silent Melodies Report | 02/19/2012 3:06 pm
Silent Melodies
Silent Melodies Report | 02/19/2012 2:18 pm
Silent Melodies
Aw poor u razz