Why, I am the great and almighty Kikio, who brings laughs and smiles to your day! And who might you be?
xD <3

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<---- ( Me and all my ugly )

A little bit about me:
Name: Just call me Kix, Kikio, or Kiki
Gender: Female
Sexual orientation: For me to know, and you to find out ^_^;;
Status: Very extremely, UNPROPORTIONATELY happy to be taken. <333
Likes: Friends (Hurt any of them and die!), video games, potatoes, foxes, wolves, dragons, my pets, and music.
Dislikes: Jerks, stuck up preps, and n00bs who pay no attention to common sense spelling and grammar.
Um, almost anything but Rap.
Band: Cinema Bizarre <333
Color: Blue and Black
Movie: Ummm... to hard! Dx
Disney Channel Movie: High School Musical <3
TV Show: Um... To hard, mainly cartoons
Food: Potato!
Personality: I dun like explaining my personality, so... listen to these people! ^_^;;;

Kiki is a sexy biatch with a heart of gold. She will do anything for you and loves everyone (Cept the peoples who hurt the peoples she already loved >.< wink She is generous, caring, gorgeous and protective. Pretty much she is the greatest person in the world! <3

Gorgy Zombie Hamster
"Teh Kix be teh bomb!" xP "She's seriously an uber awesome person as long as you don't squeak or give her soda. And you stay away from her water bed. Sure, you can fly on it, but it's brutal. WELL, in short, I love Kixy-kins!" <333 "And you should too or I'll eat your brains and steal your soul." Dx<

You're the awesomest person I know ;D! ._. it's not that much, but hell.. awesome is pretty damn awesome.. I don't say people are awesome too often.. >_> But you are fo' sho' :3 And nice... though sometimes I have to FORCE YOU to accept my donations... D< xD I still luff my little sea starrrrr :3

I luffles my minion, Shes great at being emo and going into the emo corner. I usally coax her out with minion treats. Shes a wonderfull minion and we usally piss each other off and some how end up talking to each other.

Kikio is an interesting person, if ya ever need a hand theres Kikio, if you ever need a laugh theres Kikio. If you ever need someone to confuse, annoy, embarass, poke fun at, or just plain poke, theres Kikio. Overall shes the friend you want to and should have, go one its not that hard just say Hi. You wont regret it, one of the best friends I've ever had. ^^ And I never doubt that decision.

Apple Fluff
What can i say about kix? BEST DAMN CEREAL EVER!!!....oh, you mean her?...hehe, kix is one of my oldest friends and she rocks! She is very innocent, yet her mind is as wild as mine! She's a great friend to joke around with and even better friend who will be there for you no matter what. Her ears are always open to everyone, and i admire that about her. She is generally a very happy and at ease person, just as long as you keep her away from the Mountain Dew!!! Hehe, she's the best and and just like the cereal, she is very sweet. If anyone tries to hurt her, i swear i'll stab your eyes out for hurting such a sweet girl as kix! SO DON'T BLOODY DO IT! D:<

Luff you Kix!!!
(And you people should too!)

Close Friends:

Serephina~ She is my awesome Rp buddy and my one and only. x3 I love her to death. She's nice, caring, thoughtful, and over all the ideal friend (And girlfriend ^///^ <333) that people should have. Most of the time, she's either talking to me on msn, or rping with me here on gaia. If I ever lost her, I think I would be lost for the rest of my life. I would go to the farthest depths of hell and sacrifice myself if it meant saving her life. She is the awesomest person I know, and I love her 'till the day I die. <333

Jassie~ Jassie is one of the most random people you will ever know, but she's so funny at times you can't help but to luff her. xD <3 She is my emo buddy, and makes me lots of UBER good poems. ^^

Ness~ What can I say about Ness? She's my non-sexual mistress... And, well, she is an amazing friend; One thing I know I can count on when it comes to Ness is that she will be there for me. Ness is somebody that I can count on and that I know will stick up for me and tell me when I am making a mistake. I will always be her best friend. ^ ^

Dc~ Over-all, she's one of the funnest people I know. No matter how upset I am she always finds a way to turn my day around, even if it means breaking down with me. And she's one of the first on my list when it comes to my close friends. x3 <33 I'll never forget her. ^^ <33

Master Yuko~ What more can I say? xD Even though a lot of the times I annoy the hell out of her, she's still there when I need her. And don't worry, she annoys me back sometimes too. It's a love hate/master minion friendship. x3

Tandy~ This girl is CRAZY! But I think that's what I like about her. xD She's is very amusing, and I hit on her mom a lot just to creep her out. She is an awesome friend, who sounds and looks adorable. Luff you Tandy! Dearly, not queerly. <3

Erin~ Erins ish teh awesome. I own her, she owns Amor, and Amor owns me. We're 3 bestest buddies in a circle of ownage. Anyways, Erin ish my awesome Australian buddeh, and I luffles her. x3 <3 She gives me lots of huggles, and gets on webcam for me, unlike a lot of people... xP Basically, Erin is awesome, and you should luff her... OTHERWISE I WILL STEAL YOUR SOULS WITH MY DIGITAL CAMERA~! D< =3 <333

Toby~ He may call himself an abomination to the world, but I don't see him that way, even if he's a little crazy. xD <3 He's always there for me though, and gives me lots of advice. ^^

Seaner~ Okay, so he's my cousin. So what? He's still like... the coolest family member I know. x3 He's always hanging out with me and playing video games and stuff. Without him, I dunno what kind of music I would listen to today. o.o;;;

Saffy~ My big sea star~! x3 <3 She's teh awesome-ness. ^^ She's always trying to help me out with my quests and is always one of the few people who will make laugh at least once if I'm upset.

Mya~ xDDD My sister minion and one of THE MOST funny canadian people you will meet.

NOTE~ If you're not on this list, don't be upset. I luffles all my friends. ;3

[More to come!]

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Good and bad, I've been through it all

Please bare with me here, my poems are going to suck at first, but hopefully I will get better... Also some other random stuff may be put in here... "It's times like these when I wonder what a gun tastes like" ~Jasmine D.



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I feel like our avies would be foils in some kind of story.
Pandy Wolfie

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Pandy Wolfie

Nice music!
Keaira Jormungand

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Keaira Jormungand

O hai

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Loving your Avvie. Did you know I miss you. I do. I miss you lots.
I've given Phina my new Skype, I haven't given it to you or Richard yet though. I'll PM it to you if you want.
How have you been doing?

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Haha no problem! Hope you enjoyed the pm spam lmao

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Thank you for the gift! heart
Pandy Wolfie

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Pandy Wolfie


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I'm raping your page here with yet another birthday well wishing! Happy birthday, lovely Kixxy dear! I hope it was a great one! *glomp*


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