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Olaa mii nombree es Serinaa pero youuh can call me either LA JOKER{;< or Lady Joker , KiKi I go by either of one pero i go more by dis one ^^ okaay well im fun,crazy,lokiitaa,funny,cagapalaa, touuble maker, easst sideer, smoker <- once in a blue moon, im a texter! >,< ufff just wait until youuh meet mah crazy azz! ;D IF YOU MESS WITH MY FAMILY, IMMA GO STRAIGHT AT CHA NO DOUBT BOUT IT. OKAY? >;} i can be mean sometimes : P so youur just gunna have to deal with that! I have a Facebook im rarely on there so if youuh want mah Facebook just HMU! (: >.> (Hit Me Up) just incase youuh dont know wut it means lol : p bueno ohh yeah i speak mosly spanish so dont be like uhhh? smilies/icon_neutral.gif im hispanic! <3 i yo soy un mexicanaa 1OO% && im prouud of it! smilies/icon_wink.gif puro piinchee easst siidee pureeto la cuarto vidaa ese , cuarto veinte uno 4~21 EAST SIDE! ;D _l/okaay pues D U C E E Z ! My Motto Is Talk Shyt, Get Hit! smilies/icon_wink.gif

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******** DA HATERZZ! >;}