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Various things

Yo! The name's Kiitai! (though, most just call me Kii.) And I have decided to put some of the amazing avi art I have received here!

Art by: Grimmneko ?/?/10
Art by: Evangeline Vittorio on 12/13/10
Art by: Evil Lemon Demon on 12/13/10
Art by: Lieutenant Keeper 12/13/10
Art by: XXxX-Albert Wesker-XxXX 12/13/10
Art by: Rainbow Shiit 12/16/10
Art by: Tsuinhalo 12/25/10
Art by: Mr Felix Delacroix 12/25/10
Art by: .Kitten.Bomb. 3/6/11
Art by: Raphael the Goat 3/9/11
Art by: P s y c h o C o o k i 3/17/11
Art by: AngietheCrazy 3/19/11
Art by: Policie 3/19/11
Art by: Ziya-san 4/3/11
Art by: Azure Nika 4/23/11
Art by: Papuru-chan 4/29/11
Art by: Xiao668 5/13/11
Art by: Rauhiss 5/13/11
Art by: Grimlywoven 5/16/11
Art by: Raphael the Goat 8/6/11
Art by: Kashikoi Kusabana 9/9/11
Art by: cherrysoda_z 1/19/12
Art by: Tealtea 4/6/12
Art by: Babblefish 4/8/12
Art by: tweepy 8/26/12
Art by: Umioko 12/23/12
Art by: Mr Felix Delacroix 11/4/12
Art by: Hottie Yoko
Art By: |L U C |I |F |E |R 1/5/2013
Art by: diamond_fox08 2/9/13
Art by: Guardian-of-Candrapay 3/24/13


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JaguarGal Report | 01/19/2016 6:10 pm
You're online?!?!?!
Serene Despair Report | 11/18/2012 9:51 pm
Serene Despair
Hi there
Serene Despair Report | 11/16/2012 10:46 pm
Serene Despair
Hello, nice avie ^^
Rupan III Report | 11/01/2011 4:38 pm
Rupan III
Sventeen Report | 09/07/2011 8:39 pm
* A* i-if you wouldn't mind... dkjfhgdfg i collect ink (and bugs to make ink with ahaha) idk why i just like it (or i'm informally questing for all the body dyes? idk) but yes if you don't use it i will gladly take it off your hands!! heart
Sventeen Report | 09/07/2011 5:20 pm
BUUUUUU ;__; heart heart heart thank youuuu!! now all i need are the papers and i will be able to make some shinieeeessss AND DOUBLE TY FOR THE RED INK its not even necessary for the recipe but i DO collect ink kjdhgdk so EXCITEMENT ABOUND YOU ARE SO WONDERFUL~~~~
JaguarGal Report | 08/18/2011 6:56 pm
I know~ But I still like it :3
JaguarGal Report | 08/18/2011 6:42 pm
Birdy~ X3
Only Cyn Report | 04/26/2011 12:18 pm
Only Cyn
Tax season rofl
Sleeb Report | 04/25/2011 6:29 pm

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