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"The ones who are hardest to love...
are usually the ones who need it the most"
"Sometimes, two people have to fall apart to
realize how much they need to fall back together."
Picture Updated Oct, 13, 2014

I'm Japanese-English-German.
Computer Nerd, Gamer
I am 24~ Though I don't act it~
Single [ ] / Happy [smilies/icon_heart.gif]
I've been on this site for to long.
I love role playing though I'm not the best
or perfect fancy literature.
I live a simple quiet life.
I hate paying for bills, and rent
But who doesn't these days?

Kihaku x

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Gender: Male

Poisonous Injection

I've known her for 5 years.
She's my perfect role play partner.
Someone I can always talk to.
Play video games together.
Watch movies. She's my butt <3

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