Ello Love:
You may call me Bethany or Kierra.
I was born twenty-one years ago.
I am of the female gender.
I am now a college student
Studying graphic arts and imaging tech.
I enjoy writing poems and stories.
I sing constantly.
I'm quite conservative.
I reside in North Carolina.
British accents are dreamy...
Ask me about my Jesus.


I'm the type of girl that plays it safe, never takes risks. My feelings get hurt easily, but you'll never know when I'm hurt because I hide it well. I enjoy being creative: writing, drawing, cooking, and making things. Otters, butterflies, and cats make me smile.
(Am I boring you yet?)

"If I find w i t h i n myself a desire which NOTHING in the world can satisfy, the only probable explanation is that I was made for another world.”
--CS Lewis

I dream of snow and white covered trees,
I dream of pixies, fauns, phoenix; all the fantasies,
I dream of a fire so bright and warming,
I dream of a knight or my prince charming,
I dream of a love that I cannot find,
I pity those with a dreaming heart like mine.

My current gaia quest:
Wicked Cervidae
Trestle Haunter
Tuktu the Reindeer Companion
Faultless Capri
Oisin's Blessing
Captain Scarlett
Prima Snowlace Dancer
Cream Artemis
Regal Commander
Would you like to help?

glorious avi art

My current obsessions are as follows: The 100, The Maze Runner, bbc Merlin, Continuum, Dr. Who, Teen Wolf, Hunger Games, Switched at Birth, House of Anubis, and My Babysitter's a Vampire. I would love to discuss these with you(:

this mai face:

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That is all.