Hi thar, my name is Christine. I'm friendly to an extent so please do not provoke me because I can be one spicy enchilada instead of a crispy crème donut. I make up a lot of food phrases because I love food. 'Nuff said. Anywhoo, feel free to comment me if you want to know more about me and have your comments open as well, please! I'm tired of getting comments I can never reply back to. I prefer comments over PMs; PMs are for personal reasons, please. Thank you for reading this short bio. ; v;/

I don't consider myself an artist; I just doodle for fun now. I love getting art!


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been a while

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GAH SORRY, I SENT THE WRONG REPLY. classified_fu Was trying to reply to you and someone else at the same time. gonk *FAIL*

Omg, yeah! Salt apparently brings out the flavour of the food too but I feel like I add too much and salt is already in so many foods we eat in great amounts so I don't like to overkill it when I'm cooking at home.

Ah that's true! Thanks for reminding me. I might do that one day, it'll save time to just ask for it pre-cut.

Yeah, I joined an online course in HS... NEVER AGAIN. So fast paced and I didn't get anything done. gonk

I did, I just like doing it for the achievements so I voted for everyone. Also went to an anon thread and got a few gifts. Did you end up participating?

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Aw, I didn't see you comment but thank you! Hehe, I like this new avi too~ You're good at making them.

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I think it probably requires so much practice to get the recipe down just right in order for it to taste like the restaurant, also maybe newer appliances too so that nothing gets under/overcooked. Gaaaah, so jealous you can make sushi rolls, I'm craving sushi right now so I'll take homemade kappa rolls. heart

I'm honestly the princess of procrastination. crying It's so frustrating but I guess I'm easily distracted too.

It's a process, I'm trying to get better at it tbh.

Are you participating in Gaia's new event?

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You do too! Yeah, that sounds useful! I kind of just eat out for some things and cook the others at home since my stuff doesn't end up tasting like the restaurant version. Do you know how to make sushi?

Same, I kind of go emote-happy ahahaha.

Omg same, I'm really scared of my work deteriorating so I should probably read more. sweatdrop That's good, so much better than me, I just procrastinate. gonk

I think in that case you should just go with the flow and ignore 'em. It's so hard but once it's mastered, it's better than getting upset. crying

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You asked the same thing in 2012 in my comments razz

No idea, you tell me. I guess lost access to it, but whatever.
I actually just started getting on yesterday again and vividly remember you and your sister, ha. (I hope I remembered that correctly because if you don't have a sister I'm going to feel dumb.)

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so long breh

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I love Asian food! emotion_kirakira Pasta is delicious too! Omg, your menu for foods you can make is making me hungry. emotion_drool Chicken cutletttt. emotion_drool

I will say emotes help make a message friendlier and I do know that I've seen people just say "Thank you." instead of "Thank you!! <3" when they're not as grateful for something. Although, if you know you're grateful, then that's what matters. Yup! I had a "friend" in hs that didn't know when to stop using the text lingo in essays and assignments. sweatdrop Her work was always horrid – if she even did it, that is.

LOOOOL. I hate when people do that. If I'm right then I'm RIGHT. Why fight it and still go on in ignorance?! I know your feels. crying heart

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That makes sense, prep can be so exhausting. What kind of dishes do you make?

Really? Wow... I know people look more laid back if they type opposite of the way we type but I never thought that the way we type would automatically make us kind of mean looking... o__o;; I guess it's because a lot of people say "Don't talk to me if you type "l31k d1s", literacy is key." Or something along those lines. I just try to type properly because I feel like when you don't, you end up typing incorrectly for essays and papers. emotion_0A0

LOOOOL. Wow. Well. I think they should've looked it up if 2 people were saying something different and they were unsure. neutral I mean there are online dictionaries and dictionary apps so you don't even need to take out a big huge book to look up stuff anymore. emotion_sweatdrop

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Omg so you can cook different dishes?! emotion_kirakira emotion_drool heart I'm trying to cook too but everything is pretty basic – good but basic.

Same, I no longer accept random friend requests when my settings are open for them, people either want money or don't talk to you and when I did make a friend from a random request, it did NOT turn out well. -____-;; I drop them too but this time it was more like the person dropped me, I don't care though, better off without them regardless of who dropped whom. LOL they didn't know the difference? Maybe English wasn't their first language? rofl


ǫᴜᴏᴛᴇ мᴇ ғᴏʀ ғᴀsᴛᴇʀ ʀᴇᴘʟɪᴇs, ᴘʟᴇᴀsᴇ.

ǫ: ᴡ. ᴀᴅᴏʀᴋᴀʙʟᴇ ʙᴇᴀ.

ᴛᴜᴍʙʟʀ ᴡɪsʜʟɪsᴛ