My avatar's name is Emica Eerie- Which also happens to be the name of my xbox live name, but we'll get into that later. Emica is one of my favorite characters that I created for a fanfiction. In general, I just like her character. so now, that is who I am.

I can't believe I haven't been on this thing in 6 years. And look at me now, still doing the same old thing. Still glued to the computer. Yet... In college, working on up, on a scholarship. And what's more... Still as miserable as ever. First World Problems: We're upset about absolutely nothing. Or rather upset/troubled by things that never even cross the minds of those who truly suffer.

Well my name is Michelle,
I'm 15,
and I enjoy reading, writing,
drawing, and playing video games.

I am a PROUD christian,
Which I have failed to Shout out before!
But I have it up now.
I have Jesus as my Lord, and Savior,
And I love him, With all my heart and soul.

I am a big anime fanatic.
some animes that I like are:
Fullmetal Alchemist
Full Metal Panic!
Case Closed
D. N. Angel
Inu Yasha
Zatch Bell
and Spiral

My Favorite anime of all time is
Fullmetal Alchemist.
My Favorite color is
my favorite video game is Kingdom Hearts,
my favorite Type of music is Christian Rock, or Alternative Rock
my favorite band is Switchfoot,
and my favorite song is I Can Only Imagin by MercyMe.

and the color Pink,
stupid people
or should I say smart people who act stupid,
most people who annoy me,
and washing dishes.


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i would mostly write about anime, video games, or even some of my story. ill proboly write about my cousin "show" she is making up. ((EDIT)) well the story has come to a hult and i am mostly on quizilla now. my journal is more links now and i real


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The possibility of a great perhaps is sometimes the only thing that keeps me going. (:
Chrysalis Eve

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Chrysalis Eve

Ah'm good! Pretty good, yeah. xd
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Chrysalis Eve

Sorry! It just looked so fresh!
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Chrysalis Eve

*chews your hair* heart
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Chrysalis Eve

xd Cool. I was linked to a video about that one on Youtube and loved it, wanted to spread the love!
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Chrysalis Eve

Whenever someone uses a pressure plate for anything, bury dynamite under it. I dare you. Put it under beds, too.
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All my friends are, it seems...
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Chrysalis Eve

xd Yeah, I said I'd rotate them!!

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i loved that show as a lil kid and stuff
but tbh im so glad and loving it that i had gotten me a fma item-i transmuted and gotten edward's pocket watch

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i hear ya
my avi right now is-well trying to match cardcaptor sakura as much as i can lol


And I'll swim the ocean for you
The ocean for you
Whoa, Kelsey

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