Glad it happened <3

This is the cutest and sweetest avi art that I ever received, Thank you Fatmohsmilies/icon_heart.gif

just listen k?

khoe lian hoa

zOMG! pals!

I don't stay here anymore because this place is not how it used to be anymore. It has lost something essential... this one thing that could make me feel the feeling I had once when I first joined. But since some of my attachment for this place hasn't vanished, I'll still come whenever my heart tells me so. Thanks Gaia, for ever being "Gaia" that could contain all my happiness, sorrow, loneliness, joy, sadness, tears (not anymore though). Thanks for those who ever helped me, accepted me, loved me, cheered me, stayed with me, really all of it means a lot to me. From the bottom of my heart, here is my gratitude to all of you. This is not a farewell, but just in case if one day I truly disappear from this place... (:

This gurl is awesome as ********, okei? ->