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Im a chill dude, go with the flow is overrated, Im an unprofessional songwriter, an artist to a degree. there are certainly better artists out there.
if i could pick any one element i would be earth, and not just the rock, im talking like one with nature and life.
im not sure if im religious or not. not really sure what i believe.
possibly emo, possibly scene. or somewhere in between
im kind of an egghead. open to debate. dont really like the rules of grammar, but have an extensive vocabulary.
my aspirations are various from government to locksmithing to musician.
college is a dream not a necessity.
i can listen to the same song 1000 times over. my best friends hardly know a thing about me.
i have a sweet tooth, and stay healthy. im pretty thin but i maintain my body weight to muscle and flexibility ratio.
i love the cirque. i would someday like to learn french more in depth. i love being myself, and not having to put on a guise that society tries to conform everyone into doing.
im a storyteller, have minor ADD, bi-polar, and multi-personality syndromes. i have a temper, but try my best to stay "in line" as society calls it.
i can relate to alot of people, but you have to be willing to look deeper than the ink on the page. i can successfully play air guitar, invisi-drums, desk piano, non-existant sax, and air bass. i can however play the keytar oddly enough.smilies/icon_question.gif i am great with people younger or older than me, never really connected with people in my age class,
ive been called an encyclopedia with all the wrong information.
my iQ is 173. analytical brain, obssesive compulsive liar. avid vid gamer, facebook jockey, i like animals, especially cats, birds, lizards, and fish. my spiritual creature is the fox. sly and quick, lonely, and oft wrong but polite about being so.
the color i am most drawn to is green or rust colors. ive always believed i am a wandering soul on this earth. always wandering always alone smilies/icon_crying.gif
i read when the computer is boring, when its sunny i climb trees. i swim in the river. and have been trying unsuccessfully for 3 years to start a successful medieval summer camp in my hometown.
im called urban retro because i keep up with the times but like old fashioned things more. i love laying on my roof under the star, wishing i was out there somewhere instead of here. i legally changed my name when i turned 18.

i am a fifth degree black belt in jui jitsu, and a 6th degree grey belt in patience, and my idea of a good time is : drinking coffee, on the beach, or dancing in the pouring rain without a coat.


Love of my Life

My soul will
always be Yours

In this Life
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