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Birthday: 03/13

LOvIn MY Stalkers:)


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BAddest FIVe STar*****

STep YA p***y UP MEaning BE EXclusive ..CUZ if EVERy Nikka CAn Say He got it from you haha ur NOT a Bad b***h LOL Ur a HOe Amd Juse for thEe RECORd I am An very Exclusive b***h MEaning NOT EAsy LOl *****

Oka Wats UP wit All THese Fake PPLe??..NOO FAke BITChes ALLowed.. GO HOMe !:)*****

My FAvortie Color is PInk!:)

FUNN FACt LOunski Meaning GIVEs Gewd HEAD LOL


IM THe ONLY THING HoppIN LIKE A KAngaROO!!smilies/icon_smile.gif

MY HAir Color is really BLAck honey BROwn AND PINK and my hair is hella longer than my avis lol:) and my skin color is honey brown and i have Brown Eyes:)lol

BARBIE b***h


HAhA OKa I LIke MY PPle HOw i LIke MY Dimonds REAl:)*****

IM 15

UHmm JUSe CUZ I GEt PLay Doesnt Mean I Ama HO.e THAnk you very mucH:)_ jk lol


NO Fake BItches Allowed Please And THAnk YOU smilies/icon_razz.gif

IM Taken