Hola everyone! My name is Matt and I am 22 years old! Here are a few things that you might find interesting, haha!!!!

I like Volleyball, Golf, Bowling, Baseball and Wrestling!
I like Rock, Rap, etc (basically anything)
I LOVE ANIME!!! Kingdom Hearts!
I am a fan Harry Potter as if you didn't know, lol and Lord of the Rings!
I am great at Acting!!!!
Current Relationship Status: In a relationship
I love my life!
I like playing cards!


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My Life

Well, I am leaving all of my friends to start a new life. I am very very sad and i don't know if I will get new friends or be the laughing stock of the neighborhood. I hope I will fit in. We are on vacation and i really miss my friends already! I mis


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You are awesome too bud!

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Well you sure have your priorities straight smile
I'm, meanwhile, the most absent-minded person you'll encounter in your life blaugh

I've been good, there was a little bit of drama I went through last week, but it's alright because it's all resolved and I'm a better person smile
I'm also applying for Taco Bell soon in my life - my first job biggrin
and High school has been amazing - but now it goes by fast and I'm scared of growing up lol

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HOLY FRICK It's been ages!! eek

Yeah, glad you're back! biggrin
I've sure grown up a lot since I last talked to you!

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no prob!

Report | 07/24/2012 10:13 pm


i sent you a PM back. let me know what you think. ^w^

Report | 07/22/2012 9:40 pm


mmk. I'm here till friday, so if your ant me to proof read or give advice, just let me know ^w^

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we could though with lots of people coming and going places. it might be tricky. I leave for a vay-kay from the 28th of july to the 1st of aug. do you think we could start the RP on the 2nd? and what we could do is all the planning, prepping, and having people partake in the sign up and the 1st can be the due date for it. ^w^

also, what RP would you be wanting to do? KH again, or something different? cause if we do KH again, we could use the same outline for the last one and just start from scratch. (and if we do, i so dibs Riku again >8D)

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i have none. i haven't role played since the one you had last year. sorry man.

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Awww. Thanks! Sorry, I was in the hospitol on my birthday! LOL. Life got crazy, with the hubby going over sea's and then the baby. (He was born 3days after my birthday) But thank you! How have you been??

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Aww jeez! I'm so sorry, man! I thought you never sent me the link!
I'll get to it right away.


~A scattered dream that's like a far off memory~
~A far of memory that's like a scattered dream~
~I wanna line the pieces up~
~Yours and Mine~

~Kingdom Hearts~

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