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I've been cosplaying Aqua since 'O7. It's makes me first Aqua of Gaiaonline in May 'O7. Don't deal with me at all. As you know everyone says I'm the first & best Aqua cosplay in everywhere but it not to me, i'm not popular anyways.
Oh and i created Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy Family of Gaiaonline firstly.. -shrugs-

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Name: Aqua
Japanese Name: アクア (Akua) [its mean ''water'']
Nicknames:Aquii-chan,Agua,Blue Queen,Blue Lady,Keyblade Master
Home World:Land of Departure
Occupation: Keyblade Master.
Gender: Female
Star Sign:Aquarius
Age: look around 17
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Sky Blue
Keyblade: Oblivion Keyblade and add Mickey's Kingdom Key
Magic: Diamond Dust,Fire blaze,Reflect,Thunder bolt and Tricky
Favorite Colors:Blue,Purple and white
Allies: Terra and Ven
first appearance: was in the secret ending of Kingdom Hearts II,
titled The Gathering. The video was continued on the secret ending of Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix , named Birth by Sleep.

My personal things

Behind Aqua

I'm a gaia member since 'O6.
I don't even go on Gaia anymore,
because i've been busy with
my college: the Art Institutes.
My major: Media art and Animation then Game Design.
Wish me luck!
Lemme taking Hiatus for a while.
If you need me then pm or comment me. (:
Oh bby, my account age is 2000 days.

Sasuke x Aqua = sescky.
Overdrive Sora drew this Christmas art for me in '1O. ^^

Wonderful drawing
In last year of Christmas, Sasuke,Aqua and Noctis x-mas art by Wayfinder Wind.
Another art my oc Rei x-mas by Artist Namine.
shh they were on my notebook though.

I dont think so Aqua can with anyone. I ship Aquaxforeveralone. (:

Riku x Sora forever keke.

Love me or not! <3

Keyblade Master Aqua

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Registered: 05/23/2007

Gender: Female

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KH timelines!!

Please don't ask me for anybody join my group.
I'm not interested in new members anymore.
My group is special family in
my heart doesnt matter what.