I've gone by many names here in Gaia: Lonely Spring, Kestrel Redfern, Kira Redfern, iFergus Hexx, and last being, Josche Matyevev. Rip me. ;.;

Hello, hello, hello! My real name is Jessa Jay De Guzman but you can call me JJ for short! Why? Secret! Hahaha~

Little info. about me: I'm in love with action, comedy, supernatural, horror, adventure, detective, and fantasy novels with a lil' bit of romance to spice things up. I'm crazy for people whose in the same level of craziness as I do. I love my twin, my family, my cat, and my dog. I adore red and is a die-hard Swiftie!

Not only that, but I am also an aspiring... fashion designer, writer, musician, photographer, and painter.

So, without further ado... *throws red, white, and black confetti* welcome to my profile! Hope you enjoy your stay here! ^^

Yeah, that's my old bio. If you're still here reading this then I applaud you. I'll throw in my specifics: I'm 21 years old, born female but bisexual, likes to do random stuffs, every aspect of Sherlock, Lucifer TV Show and several others (psssst! ask me about them), Swiftie but always open to a few other artists. Mostly, if you saw me in person, I tend to have a book with me or be rather busy on my cell, either reading a story as well, chatting with some friends, or gaia. I don't like the concept of shopping and you'd usually find my eyes filled with wonder when I'm surrounded by books rather than clothes. Yeah, I forgot to mention that I'm weird as well. So I guess you have been warned. Lmao.

I'm nice but I tend to bite if you do things that harms me, my friends, or my family so yeah. I can also be bribed with chocolate- preferably, a Cadbury.

my face--

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So... umm... nice to meet you, I guess? sweatdrop

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