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I'm everything you parents tell you not to be and dream that you will become. I'm your best friend and your worst enemy. I can seduce you, or I can repulse you. If I can make you laugh and cry in the same conversation, I feel whole. I can be as cold as winter or as hot as summer upon my choosing, and you never know whether you'll come out unscathed or burned. I tempt you with my turn of phrase and paint you a world of metaphors. You'll get lost in my maze of words, all the ups and downs, the twists and turns, and when you come to the end you'll only ask why. I can stop you abruptly, turn you on your head, or drag you out into oblivion where I'll leave you gasping for air and moaning for more.
I am...a writer.

Let's just keep this short a sweet, because I have more important things to do with my time than to explain to you who I am. I am me. Call me what you will, but I tend to answer to three names regularly: Pop, Keshi and Cre. You choose, speak now or forever shut the hell up. I'm kind but in my own special way, and I specialize in 'tough love'. My emotional ambitions are to be content with myself and my life, to find who I am as a person layer by flaky layer, and to bring a smile to someone's face at least once a day. My physical ambitions are to go back to school, get a job, move far away, and escape the reality that has become so drab that I must make up new ones regularly just to make life seem a little less grey. Don't get me wrong, I'm a happy girl. I've got an amazing boyfriend, awesome friends, parents that adore me, and all the cigarettes I can suck down to commit a slow suicide...But who wouldn't want a change of scenery after living in the same shitty town for 24 years? Me. That's who.

If you think I don't have a sense of humor, you're wrong. I can be hilarious if I want to just depends on whether I feel like being funny, or thinking something's funny, or not. My sense of humor tends to be pretty dark though. I'm the kind of girl you'll see laughing at a funeral, instead of crying.
Aren't I just all sunshine and daisies~?

More like over cast and carnations...

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Current Dream Avi....Never gonna happen, but that's why it's a dream, right~?

◕ ◡ ◕
Don't Take Life Too Seriously!
No One Makes It Out Alive, Anyway~


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Kuro the casual liar Report | 07/01/2016 12:41 am
welcome back to gaia keshy
Kuro the casual liar Report | 07/24/2015 10:59 pm
LOL thought so, u look too cute for a witch tho, so a magical girl,
Kuro the casual liar Report | 07/24/2015 9:06 pm
u look like a wizard now lol
Queen Cara Report | 07/23/2015 3:15 pm
How are you?!
Queen Cara Report | 07/23/2015 12:40 pm
Pwet na malupet Report | 06/29/2015 7:50 pm
haha ^^ it's fine like this i think, i'm a bit busy on my studies anyway, rarely gets on my computer now,
Pwet na malupet Report | 06/29/2015 2:03 am
mhm i see, but i kinda understand that, been losing interest on my hobbies too lately, but i'm happy to hear that nothing serious happened ^^
Pwet na malupet Report | 06/22/2015 11:00 pm
naah ^^ it's fine as long as you're fine too, i might as well leave gaia for some time, i find it time consuming
Pwet na malupet Report | 06/22/2015 5:03 am
well i totally miss u but it's ok as long as fine, you're always online so i thought something happened ^^ wishing u good life keshy, oh and don't overwork yourself mommy!
Pwet na malupet Report | 06/19/2015 9:42 pm
you haven't been online keshy cry did something happen?