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Abouts Me - Otherwise Known As The Drivel You Come Up With To Describe Yourself To The General Populace And Try To Make Catchy

So this is where we are supposed to talk about ourselves, huh? That's what this space is for? Well I guess I can accomodate you, user who happened across my page... or profile, however you wish to call it.

Hey, I'm Keohookalani, or Keo for short. I dig Pie. But besides that, I'm an oldbie here on this site. I'm 30... or rather I will be shortly... so essentially it's the same thing. I work for a living, yes, yes I do. I'm very spontaneous and like doing random things. For example I went skydiving about two months ago on a pure whim. It was an awesome experience and everyone should try it. I also randomly decided to try shooting guns at a pistol range and I dig them. I want to get myself a 1911 at some point. So purdy. xd

Anyways I enjoy reading, playing games, reading, hiking, writing, driving, road trips, baseball games in person, hole in the wall dives with great food to name a few of my likes.

I'm extremely open-minded toward what other people may or may not like or may or may not believe, practice, want, etc. However it sure as hell doesn't mean I have to agree with you. Nor does it mean I have to respect you. It just means I have an open mind toward ideas I don't agree with. It may make you happy, but shove it down my throat and well... I'm probably not going to like you much.

However onto much less serious topics. I'm definitely silly, hyper, and excitable. I enjoy sarcasm to a great extent though I haven't really noticed myself here using it much.

Let's do some stats, shall we? Cause those are always fun.

Favorite Colors: Red, Silver, and Black.
Favorite Food: Sushi
Favorite Dessert: Cheesecake of any flavor.
Favorite Movie: Lost Boys (Yes, it's old and cheesy)
Favorite Book: Ishmael by Daniel Quinn
Favorite Time of Day: Middle of the Night
Favorite Season: Fall through Early Spring.

If I come up with more stuff, I'll put it in here. Otherwise let's address one final point, and go from there...

Don't be an idiot. xd

Do Not Click Me! D:<

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This shall be anything from an outlet to a place for me to ask YOU questions, that's right, I may indeed put up Questions for you to answer and send back to me!


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