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x W 0 L F Report | 07/11/2014 12:41 am
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YAAAAAY OMG. YES IM BACK. sweatdrop heart
Diggititties Report | 07/09/2014 8:15 pm
well it depends.. i occasionally smoke weed but barely ever. i stopped and i didnt smoke for about 10 months and then smoked but i usually have very large breaks or smoke little amounts.
i usually just drink, but i do smoke cigarettes more than weed... it really does help with stress and relaxation, and its not addicting.. i have never been addicted.. well i have before to the meds im on right now but its because my surgery and the healing took a very long time but the withdraw from that sucked! but no i dont smoke much anymore, well not like i used too.
Diggititties Report | 07/09/2014 8:10 pm
its not that bad, its only bad when you are constantly doing it...
the only down fall to smoking pot is that you will loose memories from your past if you do it alot.
i use to smoke everyday, and i lost a lot of my memories but i was at rock bottom trying to avoid my present...
Diggititties Report | 07/09/2014 8:06 pm
ive felt every type of high lol.
but, i think you should get it at gamestop because you could get stiffed..
Diggititties Report | 07/09/2014 8:01 pm
well there are different highs..
weed high, pills high, drunk high feeling, snorting high, etc.
weed high feels like youre really mellow and a little dizzy like you are confused but you feel good.
pills high usually feel like youre VERY MELLOW and you feel like when you move its slow motion sort of, well for me it does.
drunken high feeling usually feels like your head is spinning non stop and makes you feel very sick..
snorting high is like the others but strong asf because it hits your brain cells faster than others.
but any type of high usually makes you feel mellow, calm, relaxed, zoned out, happy, and makes you sleepy/hungry a lot.
Diggititties Report | 07/09/2014 7:57 pm
im not exhausted anymore, i had my surgery a couple days ago.. ive been sleeping atleast 15 hours a day so far... im just high asf lmfao.
Diggititties Report | 07/09/2014 7:54 pm
when i woke up i was exhausted, i mean like sooooooo exhausted and it hurt to move but i got over it. rolleyes
Diggititties Report | 07/09/2014 7:54 pm
i do but its barely anything, its more sore than anything.
when i went she put my iv in and gave me meds and they call it happy meds and it really ******** you up.
she ******** up when putting my iv in so she tried my hand and ******** up 3 times and then finally got it on my right wrist..
******** stupid cunts.. thank god i was sleepingduring that lol
Diggititties Report | 07/09/2014 7:51 pm
it went very well, barely any pain but thanks to my meds lol. xD i got percocet 30s, which is sort of like crack.
Diggititties Report | 07/09/2014 7:42 pm
im soooooo highhhhhh, thank you doctors for supplying my assssss with hossspital druggggs heart emotion_kirakira emotion_c8 emotion_brofist


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