Here's some cute kitties and chibis :3 smilies/icon_heart.gif

Aw... Mad kitty >:3

Aw... Homeless. =(

Cuteness ! Jungle kitty :3

Hiro and tiger. -^_^- * Lickies Tiger. * =p

Hee hee. Leather kitty >:3 * Cracks whip. *

Bell kitty :3

Huggle-cuddle ribbon kitties. Kawaii-cuteness !!! -^_^- !!!

Hello Kitty ! Aww... No cry... * Whimpers. * Mew ;_;

Family and Friends

Family: King Keiroshi (( Father: Killed in war. ))
Queen Shokasa (( Mother: Killed in war. ))
Shokya (( Twin Sister ))
Laticia (( Long lost baby sister ))
Shokasa (( Daughter named after her mother. ))
Jacob (( Husband. <3 ))
Sato (( Best friend to King Keiroshi and Queen Shokasa's best friend and guardian and father figure to Kei and Sho ))
Ani (( Sister/mother figure type thingie. Sato's mate. ))
Cantarella (( Sister ))
Gwyn (( Sister ))
Alexa (( Sister in law. ))
Caleb (( Brother in law ))
Annabellina (( Biological mother to Ssej and Vyth. Shokasa's grandmother. ))
Ssej (( Ani's * Adopted mother * and Sato's * Biological father * son: nephew/big brother ))
Vyth (( The father of Shokasa * Kei's child. * and Ssej's half brother. ))
KiKi (( Niece Ani's child. ))
Kyo (( Nephew Ani's child. ))
Lucifer (( Nephew Ani's child. ))
Yoshimaru (( Shokya's adopted father. ))
Lyor (( Brother in law * Shokya's late husband* :Killed by Demon hunters. ))
Kitzumaru (( Nephew * Shokya's child * : Killed by Demon hunters. ))
Shizune (( Adopted mother ))
Zaku (( Original sensei, Yakuza boss and adopted father: Killed by her brother ))
Reki (( Adopted older brother. ))
Dende (( Big Brother and bestest-best friend. <3 ))
Tresha Cat (( Dolly and friend. ))
Trisha Kit (( Sister's dolly and friend. ))
Blue: (( Close friend. ))
Bloo: (( Close friend. ))
Red: (( Close friend. ))
Cya-chan (( Close friend. ))
Kattenna (( Close friend. ))
Ken (( Close friend. ))
Ampy (( Close friend. ))
Deimos (( Close friend. ))
Cara-chan (( Close friend. ))

Loves <3

-Video games smilies/icon_heart.gif
-Flash cartoons
-Senseless violence smilies/icon_heart.gif
-Fighting smilies/icon_heart.gif
-Biting people smilies/icon_heart.gif
-My Friends (( Dende, Sato, Ani, Blue, Rayanna, Arcy, Ashley, 'Que, Berco and for those of you who I haven't named you are all loved every last one of you. <3 ))
-Snicker doodles cookies
-Fudge gram cookies
-Pizza with pepperonis, grilled chicken, black olives, mushrooms and smoked ham. smilies/icon_heart.gif
-Soda: (( Pepsi, Sprite, Cherry Dr. Pepper, Cherry-Vanilla Pepsi, Crush, Fanta all that stuff... Soda's so bad but so good. <3 ))
-Mee-ilk (( Any kind as long as it's not spoiled. ;_; ))
-Candy (( Snickers, Skittles, Starburst, Nerds, Sour Patch kids, Twix, Reesies, Kit Kats, Gummy anything, Gourmet jelly beans at the mall. They kick a** ! ))
-Eating (( Apparently. ))
-Animals (( The animal I relate to most is a kitty cat, if you didn't know that by my avi. ))
-Bas asses with swords (( HAWT !!!! <3 smilies/icon_heart.gif ))
-Music. (( I'm willing to give anything a try I just usually lurve what everyone else hates. Because I'm ninja like that... ))
-Being an only child (( I don't share my toys or my compy. :3 ))
-My Compy
-Role Playing (( Tis fun to be someone else, no ? ))
-Gaia (( Because without it... I wouldn't know most of you. <3 ))
-Jewelry ((Collecting and making it. :3 ))
-Movies (( Comedies, Action and PORN W00t !!!! 8D ))

(( There's more s**t I like but I can't remember. ))

Hates D:<

-People who beg after you tell them you can help them
-Fish (( Seafood period. ))
-Mean or Cruel people
-The Dark (( A Fear ))
-Thunder Storms (( It's another fear ))
-Bugs (( Yet another fear that's a terrible phobia. ))
-Soft Porn (( No p***s or va-vay-vay ))
-Being an only child (( I love and hate it. Tis lonely for realz. ))

PICCY TIME!!! xD smilies/icon_heart.gif (( I made these. ))

A cute little quest piccy I made for ShoSho. Back before she got her Chyaku Norisu Scarf. <3 smilies/icon_heart.gif

This is another quest piccy I made for KeiKei. She's still questing for her Pendant... * Sniffles. *

This is what I made for my friend Ani. When she saw the piccy I made for KeiKei's pendant quest she asked me to make it and of course I was happy to make a friend happy. Yay ! <3

This is KeiKei's bunny hat. She's been wanting one, for like... Forevers. >w< smilies/icon_heart.gif

Ew.... KeiKei found a lolly in teh trash... D: And yes my name is Angel.

* Giggles. * Poor ShoSho wants a cookie and a devine power gives it to her. Angelic Cookies. O:

Not all off these are avi. Cute-E puppy. :3 Woof. :3

Angry Foxy dropped her ice cream. Dammit ! D:<

Happy little neko. <3 smilies/icon_heart.gif

A random anime girl piccy. I was thinking of a close friend when I made it. <3 smilies/icon_heart.gif

Another random anime-like piccy I was thinking of another friend of mine when I made it. <3 smilies/icon_heart.gif

This is a piccy of Sho I started on along time ago and finally finished.

Me and ShoSho's baby sister Laticia Imouto. <3


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Keisume's Thoughts

Hiyas, I'm Keisume Tsuzanei Katori. Mew. I'm new to this neighbor hood and would like to make some new friends. I'm very friendly and easy to get along. I'm a young hyper catgirl that always has something to say and never hold my tounge and I'm extremely playful. My curiousity often gets the best of me. I love eat and play video games and I enjoy being held and cuddled. I love it when my ears and scratched. But I hate having my tail pull. Though I'm very friendly by nature I'm very quick tempered and I luvre to fight things bigger then me. If you like to know more about you'll have to ether come to me or read my Diary. Toodles, Bye byeas and TTFN. Ta ta for now. * Waves goodbye. * =^_^=

Just a bunch of random things buzzing through this crazy head of mine. The first entry or entries will just be a bit about me.


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