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Yoz, everyone!

Man, university has come and gone by me, and I'm once more back in Gaia! How has everyone been, I wonder? Allow me to introduce myself! The name's K-Seki, and I'm an anime and manga/manhwa fan, a bit of a J-music coverist, amateur PV animator and voice actor (seiyuu) and mangaka!

Whenever I'm not caught up meeting deadlines, I usually lurk around the nooks and crannies of the interwebs.. that is, if I'm not somewhere out there, killing time with buds and being, well, normal. -laughs-

I'm on the lookout for more friends! Feel free to add me up!

Don't worry.

......... Because ...........

I don't bite.



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Guardian Arlen Report | 01/11/2017 3:36 pm
Guardian Arlen
I'm really sorry to have to do post this in a public area; however, I don't really have much choice at this point. Please contact me about my commission as soon as you possibly can. It's been it's been 8 months since you've given your commissioners an update on the progress of their pieces they've commissioned you for. If you do not reach out to me by January 30th then I'll be canceling my trade on February 1st.
Guardian Arlen Report | 10/07/2016 11:11 pm
Guardian Arlen
Hey, could you update those have commissioned you in your studio thread? It's been almost 5 months since you've lasted posted.
I understand that life offline get's busy, but it's rude to not give an update to your commissioners for almost half a year.
Ringochan89 Report | 06/03/2016 10:31 am
Hello, darling. heart Thank you for the lovely messages.
Kaho_chan Report | 05/26/2016 5:16 pm
Kyuseki! 4laugh
nightmarexx009 Report | 09/02/2015 6:33 pm
im there xx
nightmarexx009 Report | 09/02/2015 5:54 pm
yeah normally i talk to you n it helps lol
nightmarexx009 Report | 09/02/2015 5:24 pm
nope sad xxx heart
nightmarexx009 Report | 09/02/2015 5:16 pm
nya ^^ hugsx
nightmarexx009 Report | 09/02/2015 11:10 am
hello husband XD xx heart heart heart heart
TomCruise007 Report | 09/01/2015 10:54 pm
what are you doing in gaia? are you at towns?


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