Hello all!! I have to say this is my favorite profile theme yet ^_^. To all my friends thanks for commenting my profile, and to everyone who is looking at this. Comment my profile please^^. Anyways. lol. Anyways....yea.... I want to say alot but heres some about me (vash)
Name: Vash yonachi
Age: 15 (or demon years is 728 OR 700 Vampire years ((vampres age slower then demons but faster then humans)))
Skills: I'm good at black/dark magic, swords, speed, strenght, and im a great spy ^^. and i love PIE
Race: vampire/ wolf demon(and a little fox).
pets: dragon named Rikku, 3 cats, Momo (yes momo) Winkie (he only has one eye) and winkie's sister Blackie (my 9 year-old sister named her and guess what? she black!!! and white ^^) and 1 dog, Ruby (for it is my mom's and mine birth stone)
Born: 7/14
OK about kei:
Name: Kei Yotokana
Age: 15 or (728 demon years)
skills:I'm known as a avatar because I'm good at almost all magic I only suck at dark magic(I had a problem and i got my memory of it erased...don't ask), wepons,very very very sharp senses(hearing,seeing...ect.),speed,strenght,and i'm also a good spy....but i'm a kluts...sometimes
Race: Vampire/fox demon(with alittle wolf)
pets: well I know she has a dragon name Arget, 1 cat named Buddy and a dog (i 4got the dog's name)

Take the Hecatombâ„¢ TCG What Is Your Doom? quiz.

Born: ...(oh crap ^^)
We are twins (I was born first...only by 1 minute) and I guess here are us ^^:

This is what we would look like as a guy:
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ok and here is a random pic.:

and here is another one ^^:

ok last random pic and then pics..:

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Item List:
Ancient Katana
Black Strapless Bra (Already have)
Chyaku Norisu Scarf
CoCo Kitty Plushie
Cool Starter Boots(already have)
Dark Halo
Dead Sexy Midnight Coat(already have)
Drop Dead Gorgeous Skull Hairpin(alrady have)
Fox Ears(already have)
Fox Tail(already have)
Nitemare Parasol
Shadow Spirit
Shadow Spirit
Those Red 90s Pants(already have)

Estimated Total: 262,200(without stuff I already have.) Gold
Have: 1517 Gold
^^ yay more then 1000 gold!!!
plz donate 4 our avies! We'll pay you bak!

ALSO!! Hi amaya!!! lol...And this song thats playing......I love it because it is the ONLY song that makes the sadness come out of my heart and make me feel..............so sad inside.....and you ask "then why do you love it so much?" Well nothing really can make sadness come out of my heart....I just keep it bottled up inside and put on a happy face for everyone.....

(had to do it)



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whee random comment! :3

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Hi(yeah money!)
Xx_ Sukiresu _xX

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Xx_ Sukiresu _xX

XD Hello~

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Hey sis! I'm on. Guess u just sent me a message...Ja ne! Miss u :'(
Kagura Lillis

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Kagura Lillis

your profile is soo cute :3
Vash Yonachi

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Vash Yonachi

.........>.< looks like you got hacked....

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Hey sis, Thx for introducing me to Gaia online! ^_^ It's awesome! razz
<3 Mya <3
Vash Yonachi

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Vash Yonachi

~no comment~ whhhoooo no comment for you!!!

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i dont mean to change its just my brother does stupid stuff with it then someone reports it >.<

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~no comment~


Estimated gold: 279,359 Gold
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please help with my dream avi.