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Super long biography

I am an otaku gamer girl.... I'm one of XxAlexcrystalxx's friends, she used to live up the hill from me. I'm BFFs with MidnightMoon7315. We go on Gaia at school and we're the smart girls in class(WHOO!). There's some lyrics that I made for our band over to the left. If prefer it if you didn't read them. Which is exactly why I posted them(so smart). Note_7 also rocks and I personally know him as well. Cupcakesgonewild...well he's something else. Lol. ^__^
I'm American. Yeah.


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xxalexcrystalxx Report | 05/11/2013 6:11 pm
i miss chuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! crying crying crying crying crying crying crying crying crying crying crying
RedSpade83 Report | 04/26/2013 12:54 pm
eh, just normal teen life...

nothing that can be helped from outside of my real world...
RedSpade83 Report | 04/25/2013 11:36 am
wishing things could be better........
midnightmoon7351 Report | 03/14/2013 5:08 am
Puddinochi Report | 01/22/2013 2:16 pm
Um.. Yeah! Of course. If I didn't , I wouldn't be as awesome as I am now. Now would I..?
Puddinochi Report | 01/19/2013 10:51 pm
Ah! Alright! Avatar art it is! Oh , and I want you to know that it's going to be on paper , without color , from the torso up... That's all I can draw decent.
Alright? , Alright!
tiranaki Report | 01/16/2013 10:34 am
It would be awesome but unfortunately I can't really draw like that, I mostly do portraits and things like that. I wouldn't know how to draw a comic even if I was paid to, I've never really been able to develop my skills like that. it was actually really hard for me to even get to where I'm at now, it took many years.
tiranaki Report | 01/14/2013 12:46 pm
Aww thank you! Not sure what you mean by ePub artwork though, the art on my profile is my own, as are all the graphics/icons, etc. I'm an artist/designer when I'm not working for Gaia! smile

Your Awesome Knight Report | 01/09/2013 7:42 am
Your Awesome Knight
Amazing. XD
Your Awesome Knight Report | 01/07/2013 4:28 am
Your Awesome Knight
That's nice XD
Wow, so you drag all of your friends on here? I don't even tell my friends I'm on it.

My parting slap.

Favorite song: Death Of A Strawberry by Dance Gavin Dance
Best Gaia friends: The Bookworm Maddy, Republic of Eire, Your Awesome Knight, and LilChica34

Republic of Eire
Your Awesome Knight
The Bookworm Maddy
lil chica 34

My favorite online shows are strongbad, red vs. blue, and tobuscus, if he counts as a show...And pewdiepie. And Shane Dawson. And Joey Graceffa.

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