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"What is in the beginning, Will be in the end."

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Rose Noire-Awareness

Exist Trace- Little Mary, Beautiful & Hateful Danube.

Exist Trace- Wrath

Rose Noire-Dual Evil



Name: Kazuhiko Desmond Oda

Eyes: Blue ( When in Light Demon Werepyre form it turns into a violent reddish black colour.)
Race: Human( Half Demon, Vampire & Werewolf.)
Ability : The Hand of James, Blood Rage, Wrath of the Atonement,Blessed Bullets, The Camelia of hope (Transforms into a Light Demon Werepyre),Juuchi Hikari, Foutune's Favour.
Occupation: Wanderer Hunter (Formerly Order of St James, Elite of the NIght Walker of Desmond Sect.)
Allies: Lady Karasu (Kazu's Lady), Morihide Oda Desmond(Kazu's Brother, Presumed deceased.) , Kana, Mayuka,Naoko, Nagase, Saya, Chidori & Mita. (Karasu's Sisters.) Yuriko ( Karasu's Mother & Shamaness of Yugure tribe),Kyosuke (Karasu's Father, Shaman Lord & a Family friend of Hideyuki.) Lady Kazuko (Mother. Presumed deceased.) & Hideyuki (Father, Presumed deceased.)
Weapons of choice: Dual muramasa's ( Izanagi & Shoki.)
Cross daggers ( Modified Kunai dagger.)
Dual Revolvers ( Deliverance & Vengeance.)
& Zweihander ( Sword of st james.)
Nemesis: Lilith, Viscera, Matryoshka,Yulia & Henrietta.
Personality: Sometimes Talkative & Always confidence but always open minded to people, But when it comes to Karasu , he gets distracted by his confidence .
The Son of Hideyuki & Lady Kazuko of the order of the St James, the elite member house of Desmond Sect. but he had bad things in the in the past.
Ten Years ago, his father was been ambushed & Killed by Viscera & His mother
was feasted by Lilith, so he became as a first breed until he works his way up as a hunter. At age 20 he was the first to entitled as a noble hunter of the st James, while at the forest, he was bitten by Succubi named Yulia. The only thing he knows was revenge & deliverance to face against Lilith. He was a Nightwalker, which Kazu sees things in the night, plus he also had
two revolvers which he calls his Deliverance & Vengeance,

He was also to meet the lady as Karasu, she was cute, sassy, caring &
amorous to Kazu, but Kazu was infatuated by her charm but he's a hunter
for special reasons, Together they were the perfect couple.

Dedicated to my lady Karasu.

A.C.E. Sakura (Piano version.)


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Der Mondsuchtig (The Nightwalker.)

Die Dämonjäger Story


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Devilish Hound Report | 10/24/2014 10:15 pm
Devilish Hound
I have no Idea what you mean.
Piyo Piyo-chan Report | 09/10/2014 6:20 am
Piyo Piyo-chan
Yeah.. But I already patch it up Thanks to God blaugh
Imma so Happy ~
Piyo Piyo-chan Report | 09/08/2014 6:44 am
Piyo Piyo-chan
Hehe Well greetings to you too Sensei blaugh
Yeah Long time no talk xD
For me, imma fine as always and same
goes to you the usual :3
Somethin' just happen that shouldn't be stare
So for tommorow I'm trying to patch this up :3
And again Good day blaugh Sensei ~
P.S.: Haha Why do you mean by Otaku Sensei ? e w e
Piyo Piyo-chan Report | 07/09/2014 5:07 am
Piyo Piyo-chan
Haha Halo Master ~ xD
For me,pretty tired and stress from school but
it's kinda cool rather than doing nothing and imma draw too when i'm
done on my assigns and imma flattered from my classmate to tell that i'm
great at sketching x3
Well,Good day to you too Master blaugh
Piyo Piyo-chan Report | 06/12/2014 2:13 am
Piyo Piyo-chan
and imma fine ~
and imma not alive in here in the next 123456789 days
JK xD school time and bayii bayii for now =w=
See ya and have a g'day ~

Your friend

P.S : again, Ty heart
Hime no Shinigami Report | 05/27/2014 3:33 pm
Hime no Shinigami
I am well.
That's good to hear.
I have been busy with art and such.
Yes, I know. Sorry about that. Again, I have been busy.
Yes, I did check the gifts. Thank you. They mean a lot to me.
Piyo Piyo-chan Report | 04/29/2014 2:54 am
Piyo Piyo-chan
HAHAHA it's still shanen
I change because I really like piyo >w<
(from uta no prince-sama though natsuki's favorite chick)
and I'm fine and done at eating dinner and folding clothes. 3nodding
and for the song, funny xD hahahah
currently when I was 8 to 9 maybe we played that game >u<
and good day to you too ~!
Your idiotic friend
-Piyo (Shanen xD.)

P.S (hugs back)
Lady_VictoriaChaos Report | 04/27/2014 7:12 pm
Thank you for your little messages. My baby and my husband are doing great and so am I. And I did nothing today. lol just one of those boring days.
Piyo Piyo-chan Report | 04/27/2014 7:58 am
Piyo Piyo-chan
(smirks) How sweet ~ heart somehow your wish already came true
infact again HBD sensei and gtg now need to sleep =w=U
Piyo Piyo-chan Report | 04/27/2014 7:48 am
Piyo Piyo-chan
Hime no Shinigami

This is me, Ich Bin Mondsuchtig Damonjager. ( German for I'm a Nightwalker Demonhunter.) :)