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Last Login: 10/10/2015 10:03 am

Gender: Female

Location: Everywhere *ninja smoke bomb*

Birthday: 02/05/1992

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Jesus Needs A New Rolex...Want To Help?

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to know me is to...dunno...haven't figured it out

Hmm...about me... Well, I'm not one who goes around talking about myself, so this might not be too long. I like lots of things related to Anime, including cosplay. I make my own outfits, so if you'd like to see some of them don't be afraid to ask me to show you!
I'm tying the knot to the most wonderful woman ever, so don't mind me if you ask questions and I gush about her. oh hohohoh smilies/icon_heart.gif As a side note, here's my shout out to Gaia for the fact of leading me to happiness. Woot! (As well as woe, when it comes to inflation. emotion_smilies/icon_facepalm.gif )
I don't like narcissists, they bother me. Eh...anything else you want to know, just ask. That would be easier for me anyways.

I love hugs! smilies/icon_3nodding.gif Give them to meeeee!!!!!

oh! I is fluffy, so I love fluffy luffles too! o3o

And yes, I'm literate. If I feel like being stupid and talk liek dis, that's my choice, not my habit. I'm sure you've figured this out just by reading things here in my personal space. Have a nice day. ;3

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Want Art? PM me
want cupcakes?
My FC for SoulSilver is 1764-0008-9939
My FC for White is 4040-5309-5802
My W2 FC: 4599-8835-7422

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RyogaRob Report | 07/13/2015 9:58 pm
*hugz* Miss you!
Escuro-sama Report | 04/03/2015 2:39 pm
Heeey~! I'm okay for the most part. Just finished up a big freelance job and am taking some time to catch up on things. How about you? ='>
RyogaRob Report | 04/03/2015 9:40 am
eek Wow I really like the Lion, and the colors reminded me of the savanna on the bottom, and then you get to the end it's like the ocean meeting the dessert! mrgreen
I showed to to Rose and she likes the bottom part, then I tried it on, wow was it long! eek
I might have to shorten it a bit, if I have too will you be ok with that? sweatdrop
RyogaRob Report | 04/03/2015 8:58 am
Good to hear that she's doing better and doing a job she loves to do! cool
Thanks for giving up your lunch time to have that mailed to me, and thanks for putting the note in there! razz
I do hope you get to feeling better, *fluffs a pillow and put's it behind you, puts the cover up* twisted
Goes to make some soup and grill cheese for you! xp
RyogaRob Report | 04/03/2015 8:16 am
blaugh Just got the package last night, thanks soooooo much! When I can I will do that request you asked of me!
Thanks again sooooo much!
*hugz* emotion_hug
How are you and Snorlax? emotion_hug
RyogaRob Report | 02/11/2015 1:25 am
You know I like seeing your work!
Glad you got something that you like and i really hope it goes where you want it to go for the business! razz
I do miss having our talks and seeing how your life and things are going, I also do like checkin on you too! twisted
RyogaRob Report | 02/09/2015 1:15 am
Doing ok, did you get my Happy Birthday wish for you on FB? rolleyes
How are you ladies doing? I hate this hit and miss, wished we could get on here of FB and just chat, I miss our talks and hanging out sorta speak! twisted
-l- Amatsu -l- Report | 12/25/2014 9:15 am
-l- Amatsu -l-
Mmhm and since you have your tail made you can focus on making your feet look awesome this year too. ^^
Escuro-sama Report | 12/25/2014 12:35 am
*pats*I know exactly what you mean. I got a big freelance job not too long ago that's been running me ragged/drained a lot of my creative urges that I am not looking forward to getting back to work on after the holiday lull. But I needs that moneeey. =3=

Good luck! >3</ And happy holidays!! gaia_star
Escuro-sama Report | 12/25/2014 12:20 am
Ah, I know that feeling. =3=/ I did most of my wrapping yesterday and early today since my family has a tradition of opening gifts at midnight. I had to rush and sneak around to make sure my younger brother didn't catch me laying the gifts under the tree. Holiday times are always so busyyy. And procrastination is so very easy to give in to. crying
Snorlax says NO
Eren Jaegerbomb

Muffins are just ugly cupcakes, y'know?


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